Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon is to alert Christians of what Christ came for, of which we are to continue.


This is really a challenge to the whole Christian Community.

"Advancing the cause of Christ in change"


He came to look for the lost (Lk. 19:10)

In the first and second chapters of Genesis, we find the perfect world that God created (Ref. Gen. 1:4,10,12,18,21 & 25)

That entire God created, he saw that it was good, and he said "let us create man in our own image, to take care of all that has been created" (Gen 1:26). The deceiver came to deceive man, and the freedom that existed between God and man was broken. God called out to man "where are you" (Gen. 3:9). There was separation between God and man. When Adam and Eve sinned, they realised they were naked, so God covered them with animal skins (Gen. 3:21)

Adam became slave to sin and sin brought fear to him. It was through the sin of man that Christ came. To save man, it took Christ’s life, strength and power.


Most of the time when one gets ready to do the work of God and Satan tries to attach the person, it gives more strength to move forward, if the one is able to identify the type of spirit that is attacking. Paul said, "I want you to know, my brothers and sisters, that the things that have happened to me have really helped the progress of the gospel (Phi. 1:12)

Not everyone can advance the cause of Christ, but only Christians. They that have purified themselves in the blood of Jesus are those who can advance the cause of Christ, those whose life is Christ centered, those who have time to study the word of God and pray. They must believe the presence of God in their lives. God wants us to be holy (Read 1Tes. 4:3-8).


The Church is a divine institution, (i.e. God’s). It is not for a particular person or group of people. In the Church, we need to advance the cause of Christ in change by not conforming to the world but by renewing our minds (Rm. 12:1-2). There is hatred, envy etc. in the Church, which are fighting against it. "For some people from Chloe’s family have told me quite plainly, my friends, that there are quarrels among you" (1Cor. 1:11) also read the ff. (1Cor 3:3, 1Cor 6:6, 2Cor 12:20). We are to advance the cause of Christ in the mist of all these. In the mist of all these storms of life, we as Christians have to advance the cause of Christ.


The world is dark and if Christians who have the light are seeing darkness, how much more those in the darkness?

God is expecting Christians to shine in the world. Jesus spoke to them that all powers is given to Him, and He is sending them to the world to preach the gospel to the whole world (Mt. 28:18-20) wherever we find ourselves we are to preach the gospel, provided there are people. "Those whom God had already chosen he also set apart to become like His Son, so that the Son would be the eldest brother in a large family………" (Rm. 8:29-30)

Even when they are not ready to listen, God says "go and tell them". Let us remember when God sent Moses to go and tell Pharaoh. "Let my people go" God said he will not listen to you unless by a strong hand (Ex. 3:19, 4:21)

Can we go to the whole world to preach to gospel? Our world is where we find ourselves, whiles one take to the east, the other to the west, north and south (Read Deut. 1:6-8). In Acts 1:8 Jesus told his disciples to wait and receive the Power before they can be His witness. We need to ask God of the Holy Spirit, when it comes to us, it purifies us and makes us Holy.

This is to make us advance the cause of Christ in Change. The way we present ourselves wherever we are, even without a word from us, do people see Christ in us? We meet people in the Society who do not know God and God is expecting us to direct them to Christ. Most of our friends do not know Christ, how do we present ourselves to them? Read (Isa. 42:5-9)

We have been called into Priesthood. "But you are a chosen race, the King’s priest, the Holy nation, God’s own people, chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God, who called you out of darkness into His own marvellous light………(1Pt. 2:9-10) God has called us to work. The way we present ourselves to those around us can advance the cause of Christ in Change. We have to go out and evangelise; also, we need to allow teachings in our congregation. No matter the situation or the circumstances, we have been called to advance the cause of Christ in Change.

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