Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is a sermon about the importance of finding your source of joy in Christ and Christ alone.

Introduction: A Preacher’s Verse – 1 Peter 1:12-14, I don’t mind repeating myself because Peter did, and so did Paul as we see today.


Background: Paul’s shifting from giving us Godly examples to follow to warning us about falling prey to false teachings which will certainly rob you of genuine joy.

Purpose Statement: To experience genuine joy requires that you...

I. Find Your Joy in the Lord (v.1)

A. First, the issue of this “Finally”...

1. Some commentators argue Paul means to end but then thinks of something else to say. Others teach that later didactors added everything after this.

2. I believe that he is merely closing one thought and starting another. He concluded his exhortation and is moving into his warnings (See outline)

B. What does it mean to find your joy in the Lord?

1. 1st he is not talking about some subjective experiential feeling

a. Happiness = happenstance

b. People always say “God wants me to be happy”

c. Paul is addressing ‘joy’ which is not based on external circumstances

2. Genuine joy is not found anywhere but in Christ

a. 1st step to Xian joy is surrendering to God the things you use as a source of joy that are not Christ centered

b. Joy is one fruit of walking in the Spirit – Gal 5:22

3. Then what is it?

a. The Good News

b. Restoration lyrics (see below) – Genesis we walked with God, through Christ we are able to restore that relationship on an even more intimate level.

C. Paul never tires of reminding people of this

1. His love for the Gospel

2. His love for God’s People

D. How is it a safeguard to me?

1. Authentic Christianity means transformation

a. Some folks notion of going back to nature – they get a camper with all the amenities of home and park it in a campground with pool, entertainment center, etc. They haven’t gone “roughing it” at all – everything remains the same. So too, this is true for far too many who claim to be Christians.

2. Looking at Christ will prevent us from sinning

a. When are you more apt to sin?

II. Be On Guard Against Heresy (v.2)

A. The dogs

1. Two kinds of dogs – kunarion (pets) and kuon – (wild scavengers)

a. kuon prey on the weak eating garbage

2. Seems kind of mean spirited in our culture of tolerance to say that other religions are kuon

a. Moonies that came here wanting our church to unite with them in an initiative supporting the family – we could not do it. We could not attach the name of Christ to a group teaching another Gospel – Galatians 1:8

B. The evil workers

1. Even their good works are from bad motives because they are working self-righteousness

C. The false circumcision

1. Judaizers had made it more than symbolism – it was symbolic like baptism

2. Literally mutilation – Galatians 5:12

D. What do all these heresies have in common

1. Focus off Christ – on someone else, usually yourself

III. Be Committed to the Truth (v.3)

A. Knowledge is power

1. Bank tellers learn to recognize Counterfeit money not by handling lots of different counterfeit bills, but by spending an inordinate amount of time studying the real thing

B. What is true circumcision?

1. Inward spiritual cleansing

C. Worship in the Spirit (1)

1. today’s Worship Wars

D. Glory in Christ (2)

1. Who’s your hero?, best friend, what about Christ?

E. Confidence in God is Key (3)

1. Your flesh cannot save anyone, let alone yourself

Conclusion: Joy is found in sole deo gloria

A Preacher’s Verse –2 Peter 1:12-14

12 Therefore, I shall always be ready to remind you of these things, even though you {already} know {them} and have been established in the truth which is present with {you.}

13 And I consider it right, as long as I am in this {earthly} dwelling, to stir you up by way of reminder,

14 knowing that the laying aside of my {earthly} dwelling is imminent, as also our Lord Jesus Christ has made clear to me. (NAS)


Philippians 1:27 – 3:3

1. Be Firm in Christ (1:27-30)

2. Be Humble Like Christ (2:1-11)

3. Be Lights Like Christ (2:12-30)

4. Be Joyful in Christ (3:1-3)

God Want’s Me to be Happy

Philip Yancey “What’s So Amazing About Grace”– friend leaving wife


Looking at this fallen race standing in the light of grace

We can’t see the shadow of the past building our security truth lost its identity

But there’s still time for us to get it back

We need to take some time for self examination we need to be baptized in salvation

What we need is restoration

Galatians 5:12

Would that those who are troubling you would even mutilate themselves. (NAS)

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