Summary: The highlight of Jesus' pilgrimage to earth is his transformation on the mountain. The disciples were amazed as their eyes beheld Christ in all his glory.



Jesus identified himself as the Son of God on the mountain of transfiguration, (Matthew

17), on Mount Calvary, (Matthew 27:32), and on the mountain of resurrection. (Matthew

28:16) We stand in amazement with the disciples and others who witnessed the display

of his glory.


The disciples knew that Jesus was no ordinary man. They had seen the miracles he had

performed. They had heard the parables he told and the teachings he had spoken with

authority, not as the scribes and Pharisees. Now as Jesus takes them to the mountain,

they were to see his amazing transformation before their eyes. Never more could they

doubt that he was no ordinary man, although one of persuasion and power beyond

understanding. In a moment, they were amazed as "his appearance changed from inside

out, right before their eyes. Sunlight poured from his face. His clothes were filled with

light." (Message Bible, Matthew 17:31) Who would not be amazed to see Moses and

Elijah in conversation with Jesus? They had read about the shining face of Moses as he

descended the mountain with the tablets of the commandments in his hand.(Exodus

3:30) They had read how Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal when the Lord sent fire

down from heaven.(1Kings 18:38) Now they were amazed to see them representing the

law and the prophets standing with Jesus. They had been dead hundreds of years. Now

both stood with Jesus, signifying that God is the God of the living, not of the dead. Peter,

amazed at what he was seeing, in keeping with his impetuous nature, wanted to

commemorate the occasion by building three monuments, one for Jesus, one for

Moses, and one for Elijah. However, in the midst of his amazement, suddenly a brilliant

cloud overshadowed the whole scene, and from the cloud bellowed forth a voice saying,

"this is my beloved son. Listen to him." God was proclaiming that since his son was

greater than Moses and Elijah, the disciples should listen to Jesus. The disciples,

petrified with fear, fell to the ground. At that moment, Jesus came to them and touching

them said "fear not." When they opened their eyes, Jesus was there alone. We may be

amazed and astonished with fear of the unknown or whatever, but Jesus comes by with

a comforting touch and calms our fears. The hymn writer said, "turn your eyes upon

Jesus, look full in his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in

the light of his glory and grace." Before they ascended the mountain, Jesus had told

them of his impending death. Although they did not quite understand him, now he is

assuring them that they need not fear. Many times in life when we are amazed and

troubled, Jesus promises that everything will be all right.


Jesus had to ascend another mountain. This was more of a hill, but sometimes it is

called Mt Calvary. Jesus had to bear that cross up the hill. Must of his disciples

deserted him, but John was at the cross with Mary, the mother of Jesus. They were

amazed to see how Jesus died on the cross. They were amazed as he forgave those

who crucified him. They were amazed as he stopped dying to commission John to care

for his mother, Mary. They were amazed as he issued the dying thief a ticket to heaven.

They were amazed when they pierced him in the side They were amazed when he

refused to drink the wine mixed with gall. They were amazed as the Roman soldiers cast

lots for his clothes. They were amazed as the crowd taunted him and challenged him to

come down from the cross. They were amazed as he bowed his head and died, saying

"into your hands I commit my spirit." We were not at the cross. Yet we can join in

amazement by crying out, "amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch

like me. I once was lost but now I am found, was blind, but now I see." We can cry out in

amazement, "amazing love, how can it be that my God should die for me."


There is one more mountain of amazement. After his resurrection, Jesus told his

disciples to meet him on the mountain. We do not know what mountain this was, but in

Matthew 28:16, the disciples went to Galilee to the mountain which Jesus had directed

them. Galilee had a special meaning, since in the thinking of Jesus and the gospel of

Matthew, it was the gateway to the world, not just for Jewish people, or the disciples,

but for the whole world. Therefore, the disciples were to take the amazing story of the

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