Summary: It is a call for America to turn to God.

America, Bless God!

1st Chronicles 16:11,12.

This week has been one full of controversy. The ninth circuit court of the United States ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States is unconstitutional because of the words "under God". In this ruling they did not quote the constitution, but quoted former decisions by the courts. This sparked an interest in me as well as “firing me up”, and I did a little reading. I discovered that no where in the constitution does it say “separation of state and church”. The constitution keeps the government from setting up a national religion but does not prohibit the worship of God in public. Also I learned that the judges do not serve for life as people would have you believe. The constitution says that they are to serve as long as they are men of good behavior. To quote some old cases, as the court did, judges have been impeached for cursing in the court, for public drunkenness and other behavior issues. I believe that acting irresponsible as they have done this past week, acting against majority approval, is reason to begin impeachment hearings against these judges. The man who instigated this ruling claims that he did not want his daughter to be coerced into believing in God because she said those words reciting the pledge. I wish that two words could coerce the belief in God. If that were the case we would have a nation full of Christians. Since September 11, 2001 I have heard millions of people recite the pledge but I have not heard of millions turning to a belief in God. That is what we really need today to secure our nation and restore it to favor with God. We need to remember that in only 200 yrs we have become the greatest nation in the world because we were a nation “Under God.” We also must look at history and see from the nation of Israel that no matter how great you are when you feel you don’t need God anymore and turn to other gods then the judgment of God can fall, and you as an individual and collectively as a nation will fall. As the scripture says we need to remember His marvelous works, His Judgment, and to seek his face. In reality we need a revival to fall upon our land. We have had two wake up calls,

(Illustrate with story of drowning man) “ I sent a boat and a helicopter”

What are we waiting for? If we do not return unto God we will drown in our sins. “Seek the Lord” is the answer and we can do that by:

Facing our sins.

The first thing that this nation needs is for people to quit dodging the issue of sin. We try to cover it by renaming it but in the eyes of God, Sin is sin

Homosexuality---It is not another acceptable lifestyle, it is sin.

Abortion----It is not a persons choice, it is sin.

Profanity----It is not modern language, it is Sin.

Vanity seems to be the sin of the day.

This is evidenced by the self help market.

Materialism rules the lives of our people.

Nike, Tommy, Calvin Klein

We need to turn away from our sins.

a. The need for repentance. (Illustrate) Who is General Jackson?

General Andrew Jackson left his home, Heritage, one evening and went to into Nashville for a Methodist Convention meeting. Preaching at this meeting was the evangelist Peter Cartwright. Now the pastor that organized this meeting had some qualms about having Cartwright for a speaker because he was unconventional, it was said that he had knocked people down and drug them to the alter. Anyway the Pastor asked him to come and speak because he was very popular. The service started and Preacher Cartwright began speaking when in the back there was a stir, coming in the door and leaning against a pole was General Andrew Jackson. The pastor tried to get Peter’s attention, he whispered, “General Jackson is here,” Peter continued on without a pause when again, a little louder, the Pastor said, “General Jackson is here!

At this point Peter Cartwright spoke these words, “Who is General Jackson? If he doesn’t repent and get his soul converted God will damn his soul to hell as an unconverted pagan.”

It was suggested that Bro Cartwright get out of town and as for away as possible because General Jackson was notorious for his violent temper. Instead, Cartwright took a meeting next to heritage. General Andrew Jackson had peter Cartwright for Supper.

We need to quit avoiding repentance. God has promised us that he will hear our prayers and that because of the redeeming power of the blood of Christ, and His marvelous grace, he will forgive our sins but he requires a little something from us. That something is for us to admit that we are wrong and to turn away from the things that are not right when measured by the Word of God.

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