Summary: Just as Joshua confronted Israel, Christian Americans must Choose as did Israel - Will we committ?

We all face choices every day. Some choices are big and some are small. Some choices have only a limited effect while others may affect the course of our entire lives and the lives of others.

Today as Americans, and as Christians we continue to be called to choose. The days of free choice are fleeting fast, soon and even now our choices in the area of our Faith are beginning to cost more and more. We as believers must make firm our choices so that in the day of trial we can proceed confidently, knowing our choice is the right one.

America is still the greatest country on Earth and we must remember to thank the Lord for all the wonderful freedom we yet enjoy, and be careful not to take it for granted since it may not continue.

It we as believers wish to remain strong and true to God we must as Joshua choose today where we will stand, and how we will do the standing.

I. A Call to Remember (vs. 1-13)

a. The call of Abraham (1-3)

b. The life of Isaac (4)

c. Moses and the Exodus (5-8)

d. Blessing in spite of Balaam (9-10)

e. Conquering Jericho and the promised land (11-13)

II. A Call to Choose (vs. 14-18)

a. To Fear & Serve the Lord (14)

i. In sincerity and in Truth

ii. Putting away other gods

iii. Unlike your Fathers

b. Who you will serve (15)

i. The gods of your fathers

ii. The God of Joshua, whom he will serve

c. And the people answer (16-18)

i. We shall not forsake the Lord for other gods

ii. The Lord our God

1. has rescued us from Egypt

a. with great signs and wonders

b. and preserved us in our journey

2. drove out His enemies in our new land

3. He is our God and we will serve Him!

III. A Call to Change (vs. 19-21)

a. God will not forgive if you do not truly repent(19)

i. God is a Holy God – He hates sin

ii. God is a Jealous God – We cannot serve Him and…

b. God expects Faithfulness (20)

i. Forsaking God is not an option

ii. Forsaking God will reap judgment

1. God may withhold His protection

2. God may withhold His provision

c. And the People answer (21)

i. NO – Far be it from us to forsake the Lord!

ii. YES – We will serve the Lord

IV. A Call to Commitment (vs. 22-25)

a. Witness to your decision (22)

i. This is a serious choice

ii. You will be responsible

iii. You must be accountable

b. Act on your decision (23)

i. Put away the foreign God (destroy them)

ii. Incline (Be listening Intently) your ear to God

c. Make your decision permanent and public (25)

i. Joshua wrote down the decision (covenant)

ii. Joshua made the decision public

1. Statute – A Public law

2. Ordinance – A formal decree of expectations with the punishment attached for disobedience.

V. A Call to Remember (vs. 26-28)

a. By creating reminders of your decision (26)

i. Joshua wrote the words in a common place

ii. Joshua placed the words in a public regularly frequented place

iii. Joshua wrote the words in a CONSPIQUIOUS place!

b. By becoming accountable to others (27)

i. Those who know about your decision

ii. Those who will remind you about your decision

iii. Those who will confront you if your are wrong

“So Joshua let the people depart, each to his own inheritance.”

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