Summary: Twenty five minus ten is on the way, and the AntiChrist shall get carried away. I bet the Lord wins. You can hear better if you tell your head.

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Esther 3

Esther 3

Micro soft, I want to talk about Anti Christ group of people which deny Jesus is God. Let worlds say what they want to say, and they are saying things don’t make since. The things of God, they are saying don’t make since. A form of graduation is underway; it make since to those who want to say all manner of evil against Jesus. America has earned a degree in slander, they have chosen death it’s a privative moment, and we the people of God should not accept it. AntiChrist wants to be God, and we are barely missing the scene behind the yellow tape, not only do they say all manner of evil against me but they fill the places of the false prophets. Three Fifteen

Mr. False prophets you can’t take the place of the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth. There is one word and the word was made flesh. How can AntiChrist be the word when the word was there all the time? Sin does well outside the body how can a false prophet be the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth? Mama and Sir don’t make a deal to hold the image of the Beast up, because our first concern must be safety in Jesus. Did you take your pill? Jesus says in me you might have peace but in the world tribulation. Saint’s, we must move on, and the AntiChrist moving on too Well, they will try this during the last 7 days on earth and the case is all but over. Three Fifteen

Bible talks about many shall depart from the faith, the way I see it those that depart from faith never was in the faith of Jesus Christ. Pray for those who fear their consequences at a later time, because God gone spare my flectional risk. Bible says sat your affection on the things above for where you treasure is there your will be heart also. I believe the six water pots of stone stand for a easy kill, and God lets us know that the Beast do what he do not because it love him but because it is AntiChrist and it wants to be like him and be him. Jesus can stop the first changes to reprobation if he wants too, he’s powerful and hard hitting; will you look into the face of this powerful moment or will you bow down to theory? Three Fifteen

AntiChrist riddles the breast plate of righteousness, and sometime I can feel the impact from those fiery dots of the wicked. On a quiet, auto, hateful disguise and love is empty, I’ve discovered the sting of death is a backslider’s worse nightmare and death attacks the heart viciously. Many shall depart from the faith, and God shall chase them not because they left him because He knows they were never in him. You want to know what he chases; he chases the knowledge that they have about him, and beat them with many stripes. Three Fifteen

You and I are not going to take what belongs to God and run off with it; witness God extract his treasure out of a huge sample. The AntiChrist is desperate to cover up the DNA of righteousness, and we need to know this to make some sense of a revealing discovery. Microsoft, don’t break any rules now. I know I’m well pass 60 days and I thank you for that extra time in the trial, and may God turn you white. Don’t be fooled by the elements in the sample because God is there too. Bible says that God is everywhere at the same time; in the next few years technology will be like God being almost everywhere at the same time but we must continue to issue the call to come to Jesus. Three Fifteen

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