Summary: Help in making your marriage a match made in Heaven instead of Hell.

Gen 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

When God made woman “meet” or fit for the man, He meant the deal to be that Adam’s strengths were Eve’s weaknesses and Eve’s strengths were Adam’s weaknesses so that they were stronger together than they would ever be apart. That is why opposites usually attract each other. That is the ideal marriage and so many do not look at that when looking for a marriage partner. It wasn’t all about either partner, but rather both.

Of course, they don’t seek God for the right mate and also ignore parental and even friend’s advice and then wonder why it falls apart. Love is blind and hormones are insane. Not good to rely on your judgment alone. Others can see your blind spot and keep you from disaster if you let them tell you the truth and you really listen. Due to the high divorce rates of marriage for love, I could almost go back to parental selected marriages.

When He tells a Christian to not marry an unbeliever and they do or a person that only started going to church when the dating started they are asking for trouble and usually get it. Amos said it best, “How can two walk together except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3)

Consult the Creator and if you can’t figure out each one’s strengths and weaknesses there are tests out there to help you. If you both have the same weaknesses it will be difficult to overcome situations those weaknesses cause if at least one is not strong in that area. Much like a non-swimmer jumping in to help someone drowning. You normally end up dredging two bodies.

If both of you are strong in the same areas then there will be undue competition to be the one handling the situation much like one man pushing the car from the back and another pushing if from the front at the same time. Direction is determined by which one tires first and a marriage like that will likewise be tiring.

God has someone for you if you are meant to marry, but He also knows who would be better off single so let Him tell you about that. There is no sense in you ruining your life and another person’s life if you are best alone. Parents fussing about grand-kids or all of your peers being married are not good reasons to be married. Being in a hurry or settling may also make you miss the best God had for you and cause the one He had for you to also miss the best.

Control your hormones, let others point out the blind spots while you wait on God and you will have a much better marriage experience.

Sholom! Maranatha!!

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