Summary: Twenty-three percent of Americans are afraid of the dark but many more are afraid of the light.

Sleep with a nightlight?

23 percent of people are afraid of the dark

Ft. Riley – lost in the dark – infantrymen like most men never get lost only misoriented

I’m sure you’ve been in your house when the lights went out – relief when lights come back on – what to do in the meantime – look for flashlight/candles – better to grow accustomed to light first – bad idea in Christian life though – Romans 12:2

Keep bible handy – we’re going to look up a bunch of passages today

More people are afraid of the light – John 3:19-21 (someone read that)

Read 1 John 1:1 – 2:2

vs. 1-4 personal testimony – verse 5 transition

Gets to the heart of the letter in verse 6 – combating early heresy (early form of Gnosticism) – gnosis – knowledge

-flesh/material is bad, spirit is good – importance of first four verses

-Jesus only appeared to die – Docetism – dokeo – to appear

-Since flesh was bad it was treated harshly – Col 2:21-23 (read that)

-Dualism also led to licentiousness – that is what John is combating here

Things don’t change much – even we think like that sometimes

-No one will ever know

-It’s just a little white lie

-I’m just stating the facts

-I’m speaking the truth in love

-Everyone does it

-I’m not hurting anyone

Oh, but you are – you don’t realize how you are hurting yourself

Also, realize the one who has already been hurt – Jesus was hurt because of our sins, He died

Now read Mark 16:1-2 – when was it that the ladies went to the tomb? After sunrise, or after Son rise

Not just dawn of a new day but a NEW DAY HAD DAWNED – Rev. 21:23 - Transparency from Crossways Bible Study

John 9:1-5 (someone read that) – Who is the light of the world? Jesus was, who is now?

Matthew 5:14-16 (someone read that) – You are the light of the world

Transparency – Become what you are

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