Summary: Are you real or fake? We have enough fake. We need more real Christians!

“Life is too short for fake butter, cheese or people.” - Unknown

If you live with fake long enough. the real will taste bad to you. My wife and I grew up with real butter, but could not afford it when the kids were younger. We were given some real butter and my wife and I did the happy dance. Our kids said, "Yuck!" because all they had was the fake in their lives.

Life is too short for fake Christians and being a fake Christian. You may have been brought up in a fake church or church experience. You may have been brought up in a fake world of atheism, evolution or some other religion. You like it. It is comfortable and makes you feel good, but like margarine. it is fake or a bad copy of real butter.

The world needs real Christians even if being one sometimes causes folks to say yuck because they are quite comfortable in whatever they are eating that they think is real butter. If I would have continued to have real butter my kids would have eventually realized that butter was better and would have lost their taste for the fake. Being real consistently will eventually make people wonder why you are so different.

We are salt and there is salt in butter. It just a creamy way of delivering the salt, which might be something to look at in our witnessing. Sometimes we want to stuff an entire salt block down the throat of someone and wonder why they choke. Maybe we need to use smaller doses of salt and deliver it in a different way that is a tad smoother so they develop a taste for the delivery and ultimately a thrist from the salt.

My wife and I were fake Christians and were happy in our traditions. We were baptized as kids and I could quote the creeds and such, but we were no more Christian than a light pole. We became real Christians in 1975 because we entered into a relationship instead of following a religion.

As a new and real Christian, I did drive people nuts. I was passionate and transparent, but I did need to work on delivery techniques. If I had thought that I needed to hit you with a bat for you to be saved I would gotten the biggest Louisville slugger I could find or maybe two that I would use like nun-chucks making Billy Graham look like an evangelism neophyte.

Sadly, even real Christians sometimes live a fake Christianity. We get used to our worship service and cannot allow others to do it differently. Instead of being compassionate to unbelievers realizing sinners will be sinners just as we are not perfect, we become super critical judges lambasting them every shot we get. We do not reach out to people because Jesus came to save the world, not condemn it. He called us to interact, not overreact. He called us to heal and not hurt people with harsh language. Jesus and the Apostles reserved the strong language for the fake Jews and Christians. If we are living like this we may be real Christians, but living a fake Christianity and the world and we do not need that. The world has seen enough of that and the Body has suffered enough from that disease.

Isaiah 7:15 Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good. tar

We need to eat the butter and honey of the Word so we can know to refuse the evil or fake and choose the good. If we are not experiencing or living real butter Christianity we will leave the wold and the Church stuck with only margarine. That is unhealthy for the Body and poison for the world.

If you are not a believer, do not look at fake Christians and make your decision about Christ. If you do not a real one then seek Christ. He is the bread of life. His Word is the butter. Get a good bible and spread that butter on your mind and heart. It may not seem as good as the margarine that you are eating now, but give it time. Keep your mind open and ask God to show you truth. Before long you will find that margarine no longer gives you what you want or desire.

Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.

Brothers and Sisters, you may need to rekindle you love of butter as well if you are eating the margarines of other things that have caused you to live a fake Christianity. Friend, you may have a fake Christianity like my wife and I had before our conversion. Rites rituals and rote memorization is not a relationship. Be saved today or you may find out too late that you were a fake or facade Christian.

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