Summary: This might at first not seem realitive to you, but it will help in your understanding of who God is

Galatians 3:15-25

Are You in Prison?


A. Alcatraz. Even the word bring a certain amount of fear and trembling

B. Alcatraz was built originally as a military prison

C. From 1934 to 1962 Alcatraz housed some of our nations must notoriously known criminals including one more Al Capone

D. 36 prisoners were involved in escape attempts: 7 were shot and killed, 2 drowned, 5 unaccounted for, the rest recaptured. 2 prisoners made if off the island but were returned. As for the June 1962 escape, Morris and the Anglin brothers were successful in escaping both the intuition and the island, but their survival is very questionable

E. Alcatraz was known as the rock. The rock was one of the most successful examples ever of an escape proof prison.

F. But there is one prison that is even more inescapable and it the one refereed to in the passage we just read: The bondage of sin!

G. Paul responds to the teachers who have been trying to add to the message of salvation

H. Paul’s response is that the law is not a way to escape the bondage of sin

I. Rather it is through faith in Christ and trusting in his sacrifice on the cross as a payment for sin is the only way to be set free from sin’s bondage, which is death

J. Now let me be upfront today’s message is not one that might seem readily applicable to your life. One where you might be tempted to walk away and say, “yeah that is nice, but what does that have to do with me?”

K. It does have a lot to do with you, it has a lot to do with your understanding of the Bible and who God is

Today there are three goals that I have for each of you:

A. To have a better understand of God’s Grand Plan of Grace

1. That you will gain a deeper understanding of God’s grand plan of Grace throughout History, which will enhance your understanding of Scripture

B. Use that understanding to Grow in Faith

1. That this understanding will cause your faith to grow and you will snuggle just a little bit deeper into God’s grace, resting in the sufficiency and completeness of Christ

C. Use that increase of Faith to serve God More

1. That this increased faith will cause you to exercise your freedom in Christ to serve Him more and more

The question that we need to answer today is: How does the Law of Moses relate to the Promise to Abraham, and how does each apply to our new life in Christ?

This section of scripture can be divided into 2 parts:

• The first part deals with the relationship of the Law to God’s promise to Abraham

• And the 2nd relating to the purpose of the law

I. The Priority of the Promise (15-18)

This first section deal with the fact that the Promise that God made to Abraham back in Genesis to bless the world through his offspring is still in tact

A. The Law does not set aside the promise

1. Explanation

a) Take a look at verse 17. (Read 17)

What I mean is this: The law, introduced 430 years later, does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise.

b) What this does is points out that the promise to Abraham is still in effect

c) If the promise to Abraham was changed, then God would break his promises

d) And if God breaks His promise everything that we know and believe would crumble

e) It would be like God going up to Abe’s decadents and saying new deal now it is going to be faith PLUS obedience and then introducing the law

f) But that is what was the Judiezers had said to the Christians in Galatians. Ok you’re saved through trusting in Jesus, but now if you want new life, you have to follow these rules.

g) That is not fair even in human understanding, surely God isn’t trying to pull a slick one

2. Application

a) Everything God said He will do He does, He doe not back down on his promises

b) He does not change his promises

c) He does not Go back on His word

d) What he says He is going to do He does

3. Illustration

a) Of course we are getting reading for the presidential election. I am sure that the month leading up to this you are going to see the records of both being carefully examine to try and find an inconsistency with them, such as things they changed their mind about

b) If you were to examine the promises that God made, in particular with Abraham, you will realize that God never changes. God is who He says He is, Does what He says He will do, And never goes back on his Promises

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