Summary: Like David, we at times need God to say, "I AM thy salvation."

Assurance of Salvation

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Ps 35:1 ([A Psalm] of David.) Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me; Fight against those who fight against me.

Ps 35:2 Take hold of buckler and shield, And rise up for my help.

Ps 35:3 Draw also the spear and the battle-axe to meet those who pursue me; Say to my soul, "I am your salvation."

This morning I want to talk briefly on assurance. Not just assurance, but a very specific kind of assurance.

People go to the doctor for assurance their bodies are Ok, and how they breath a sigh of relief when the doctor says, "the report came back negative, you are fine."

People go to God when things are going wrong for assurance things will work out the way they want them. But that is not the kind of assurance David is praying for in this passage.

David in our Psalm is praying for assurance of salvation

It is an interesting prayer because in all likelihood this Psalm was one written when he was fleeing for his life from Saul. He does ask for help with his temporal battles, but I sense there is something more pressing on his mind as he reflects on these battles, if I could put it into words it would be, "Am I sure God is on my side?"

I think David was saying, if you will just say to me, "I am thy salvation, then I will have the courage to face a thousand giants. But without that voice echoing in my soul I feel my strength fleeing from me."

Or it could have been David saying, "I don't care if I lose this battle, but please, please tell me again that when all life's battles are over, you will receive me into your eternal habitations.

This is not the kind of thought David would have on a sunny day at the beach. It is the kind of thought you have when trials have absolutely worn you out. Those trials got him to the place where he was asking Himself, "Am I sure I am saved?"

You need assurance.

The Church can't give it to you

Books can't give it to you

Preachers can't give it to you.

Only the Holy Ghost can. Only God can.

So I want to ask, and answer, a couple brief questions from our text:

Who asked this question?

The answer is David, of course.

But let's think about that for a second.

Isn't David called the man after God's own heart, by God Himself. As if to say, "this is the guy who I really enjoy being with."

Isn't this the guy who killed Goliath?

Isn't this the guy who was anointed king by the prophet Samuel.

Isn't this the guy who inspired of God to write so many of the Psalms. And who is written of in many books of the bible?

BTW at the very moment he is pleading for assurance of salvation, he is being inspired to write part of the bible. Inspiration of scripture is the highest level of intervention there is by God.

On one hand God is superintending his words, and on the other he is crying out God where are you? How is that possible? How can a person be anointed to write scripture at the very time they are doubting their salvation? I guess it just goes to prove salvation is not about what you are feeling,

The lessons are that the best of saints can go through seasons of doubt. The best of saints don't always, "Feel saved." The best of saints groan at times because they have lost the glow of the Spirit.

Moses wore a veil to conceal the glory of God that was fading away. The glory was a reflection of the law, which God intended to fade. With its fading the children of Israel was supposed to seek after the glory of the latter house. I believe God allows the glory He gives His children to feel as if it is fading to drive them into His presence.

Next Question, what and where and from whom did David ask for assurance.

The short answer is that he asked for personal assurance in His soul, and asked God to personally deliver it.

First David asked God to personally deliver the news:

God would you speak to my soul and say I am thy salvation.

He didn't want a priest to say it to him.

He didn't want a pastor to say it to him.

He didn't want a church creed to say it to him.

He didn't want friends to say it to him.

He didn't want a book to tell him he was Ok.

He wanted God Himself to speak it to him. Because He knew God Himself is the only one who could really guarantee what he wanted.

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