Summary: Any structure, lifestyle, curriculum, home, organization, or endeavor can only be as strong as it’s foundation.

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II Chr 34

1. Any structure, lifestyle, curriculum, home, organization, or endeavor can only be as strong as it’s foundation. Jesus told his followers that the proper foundation for our spiritual house is God. We must never get too far away from the fundamental teachings of God found in scripture. However, there is in the present time a state of biblical illiteracy in our world, country, churches and homes. We not only do not where to find it, we often don’t even have a clue that such principles are there. Children are not being taught the basic principles about God often because they are not know by their parents. Thus, the proliferation of a society that is far from God, and in many cases, a church that is far from God. Yet I am grateful that society is starting to wake up to spiritual things. Society know more that ever, wants to know God. Church, it is time to go back to God. Time for Revival

2. I want us to look at a very similar time.

3. 2 Chr. 34 - Absence of God - and the story of a young king named Josiah, which took his nation back to God.


a. This young king came to the throne having had a grandfather who was one of the most wicked kings in Israel’s history, Manasseh, and a father so evil he was assassinated, Amon.

i. Places of idol worship cluttered the landscape

ii. God’s temple had been turned into a place of Baal worship

iii. God word was lost

iv. Sin abounded

b. Review text - stages of life an reign

i. Josiah took over at 8 - (1)

ii. Reinstated the worship of the One God at 16 - (2-3a)

iii. Tore down places of idol worship at 20 - (3b-7)

iv. 24 years old

1. Began temple renewal (8-13)

2. Reinstated God’s law (18-19,30-31)

3. Kept Passover (35:1a, 18)

c. This young man took a nation that was far from God, back to God


a. Idol Worship

i. Manasseh, Amon

ii. Jehovah was forgotten and abandon


i. One man recognized the need for God and did something about it.

1. Dofference between a Thermostat and a thermometer

2. 4 kinds of people

a. Make something happen

b. Watch something Happen

c. Stop anything good from happening

d. Wonder “what happened”

3. Josiah - a leader - God use anyone

ii. Josiah reinstated three things that took Israel back to God.

1. Worship - 16 years old

2. Word - v. 30 - read every word

3. Remembrance - Passover


a. In our land we need to go back for the same reasons.....

i. Idol worship - God has been forgotten and abandoned

1. 1 Cor 10 - idol anything

ii. Bible - not in schools but in Jails

iii. Our God is ourselves (“I” - “Feelings”)

iv. What will bring our nation back?

1. Worship - bow - Sept 11, but it cannot stop there

2. Feed on his Word

3. Remembrance - what God did - what he wants

But for our nation to go back to God, it must begin with His church.

b. Church inactive, complacent, apathetic - How did we get there?

i. Idol Worship?

1. What is a false God?

2. What have we put before God?

a. SELF!

i. Selfish with time, talent, money

ii. Selfish with opinion - becomes scripture

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