Summary: You got to know Jesus when you're in falsehood but you're not of it.

Jeremiah 28: 1-14

Having the power to overcome evil with good, you need Jesus. I could have said “To Have the power, but the spirit leads me as a result.

The yoke of the King of Babylon is broken. God is going to do what most people are not expecting.

The heavenly Hosts are not waiting on this to happen, because God didn’t give “the go ahead” Can’t know body do anything unless God allows it. When the people of God failed to serve him the way that pleases him, the people they feared the most became stronger and stronger, because God is not happy for his people. Together, we got to keep God happy.

I wouldn't worry when the devil dispel his followers out at you; your heart is being made perfect. The more you keep your heart on Jesus; your heart will not have any worries. God knows everything and has power over everything. The Beast automatically gets all the power that the Lord wanted to give his people, when their ways don’t give him the glory. If he doesn’t stop the Beast from doing you wrong, unfortunately, you might be involved in a test.

You don’t know if God was testing you today. What you might want to consider next is, God is going to do what most people are not expecting. One day you might praise the Lord with your heart, and the Lord might go after you. God is known for chasing those that he loves; you’re the most vulnerable people he goes after. Let him have his way, and your life is almost certain to do his will. I can tell you by the faith of Jesus Christ that you don’t have to fear what man is capable of doing to the body.

Understand who it is, after killing the body has the power to cast in hell. Will the life of God in your heart forever by calling on the name of Jesus until it happen, you can’t predict when good things are going to happen? This is why it is so important to please the Lord while there is life and you’re between light and darkness, but you have to be the one who chooses. I don’t know about you but I’m choosing the light, because I know that Jesus is the light of the world.

You’ll go on a fast, because men love darkness rather than light. Jesus says that He is the light of the world and men love darkness because their deeds were evil. Darkness will keep coming around until the Lord ends it, you can have the appearance of a straight heart if you choose too, but God knows what new love is all about.

Right now ask the Lord to forgive you of all your sins, tell him how softened you have become. Ask him to come into your heart. If you’ve prayed this prayer sincerely it’s only a brighter start toward the will of God for your life.

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Darren T. Sirmans

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