Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: How you live for Jesus while you wait for Jesus will determine if you will be be with Jesus

Matthew 25:1-13

“Be Prepared, this lesson must be shared”

How you live for Jesus while you wait for Jesus will determine if you will be with Jesus.

Sunday Morning Sermon




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The lesson that must be shared – BE PREPARED. This theme biblically is shared all the way back to the Old Testament. Psalm 23 – The shepherd “prepares” a table before me in the presence of my enemies. There is a prophecy of John the Baptist in the Old Testament – He prepared the way before Jesus.

Isaiah 40:3 (NIV) – A voice of one calling: "In the desert prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.

We see that being lived out in Matthew chapter 3.

I was going to show a video of Chicken Little – “THE SKY IS FALLING” – Remember, something falls from the sky and he talks to ducky lucky, goosey loosey and turkey lurkey, to warn them about the danger of the sky falling. But I don’t think reacting simply out of fear is good long term. There is something to fear – eternal life without Christ – eternal suffering – weeping and gnashing of teeth – complete darkness – are all true realities that God’s word clearly warns us about. It is not my intent to scare you into motivation. It is the purpose this morning, to get us to see the need to be ready for the coming of Jesus. Church, if Jesus calls his people to be ready for his return – I know he also calls us to gather around us – the unprepared so that they can also ready themselves for his return.


I am not going to predict the time of the return of Christ – I am not going to use our time this morning to explain how he will return – it is the good purpose this morning to make you aware that he will return – remind you that he said he would come back. The same God that David compared to a shepherd – the same Lord that Peter called the Christ of God – said he would return. When God says something to us through his written word – when Jesus said something to them through his spoken word it was truth that would be backed up with action. Jesus will return – because he said he would. How you live for Jesus while you wait for Jesus will determine if you will be with Jesus.

This living for Jesus is not about jumping through hoops either – Baptism alone will not prepare you for the coming of Christ. I know people who are baptized but who are not prepared for Jesus. Church attendance alone will not prepare you for the coming of Christ, I know people who have been going to church longer than I’ve been alive and they are immature, and not ready for the return of Jesus. Living for Jesus is something you do very intentional – with the purpose of being with Him for eternity. I want you to be prepared for eternity. I want us to seek people, who need to be ready for eternity and help them along.

This is not about growing the church – it is about growing the kingdom of God. It’s about fitting as many as possible on the narrow road, and making the wide road, less populated.

The words of Jesus are interesting for me – I hope they are for you too. I like it when he talks about the mansions in heaven that he’s going to prepare a place for us. I like it when he uses story to create a picture of God’s love for us. This morning Jesus paints a picture for us of the kingdom of heaven. Turn with me if you have your Bibles to Matthew 25:1-13 (Read)

I want us to see our position – where we most relate. I want us to identify those around us who aren’t ready for eternal life – and pray that God will allow us to be the instrument in getting that person ready – 3 very clear points in our passage this morning.

I. Wise went in – the door was shut

Let me back up – cause that’s over ½ way through the passage. There were 10 young girls – the NIV says, “virgins” – some of the later translations say “maidens” the Greek could mean either one. They were young women – possibly girls. It was common in that day for the bride to gather around her young ladies her age to be bridesmaids.

a. There were five girls with wisdom – and five that were foolish (it doesn’t say if the bride is included or where she’s at.) Notice this – their actions defined what group they fit into.

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