Summary: Behind every man stands a woman, sometimes with a cattle prod, cause sometimes we need it.

Behind Every Man

1. How many men feel their wives are important, equal partners with them

and valuable to helping them get along in this life?

2. How many men would raise their hands if they weren’t sitting next to

their wives right now?

3. Behind every successful man stands a good woman. sometimes with a

cattle prod. cause we sometimes need it.

4. Many people think the ideal woman according to the Bible is domestic

and subservient. Woman in Prov 31 is excellent wife & mother. Also a

manufacturer, importer, mgr., Realtor, farmer, seamstress, upholsterer,

and merchant. Prov. 31 praises a noble woman who is a good wife,

mother, community member, and career woman.

5. 31:10 Worth far more than rubies. Prov. 12:4 “A wife of noble character

is her husband’s crown.” Hardly a day goes by I’m not aware of the value

of a good wife. Don’t always acknowledge it, but I am aware. Wendy & I

are like any couple - good days/bad days. I am incredibly blessed.

6. Knows names/dresses me/opinion invaluable/keeps abreast of world news

cares for me when I don’t deserve it/supportive/

7. Mother asked by county clerk what her job was, Mother not acceptable

job description. She wrote...I’m a research associate in the field of Child

Development & Human Relations...I have a continuing program of

research (what mother doesn’t?) in the laboratory, and in the field

(normally I would have said indoors & out.) I’m working for my Master’s

(for a whole family) and already have 4 credits (all daughters). Of course,

the job is one of the most demanding in the humanities (any mother care to

agree?) and often I work 14 hrs. a day (24 is more like it). But the job is

more challenging than most run-of-the-mill careers and the rewards are in

the satisfaction rather than just money.

8. Women in O.T. did not have such lofty titles. Were property - treated as

such. Not allowed opinion or often allowed to even speak. Lot’s/Noah’s

9. Some O.T. women were important and highly valued. Deborah, Esther,

Sarah, Ruth, to name a few. Ruth & Esther are even books in O.T.

10. Deborah - Israelite judge and prophet. As judge combined military

leadership with performing legal functions. Plus a prophet. Led Israel to

victory over Canaanite forces. Barak refused to fight without Deborah.

11. Esther - Wife of King Xerxes. Cousin Mordecai heard two plotting to

kill the king. Prime Minister Haman planned to have all Jews killed.

Esther risked life by going to King uninvited. Haman plan backfired.

12. Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel played significant roles. Miriam, Moses’ sister,

Ruth was loyal to Naomi. They were: Rulers of nations, Patriots,

influential in public affairs, and prophets.

13. Godly women stand out in Jesus’ ministry. Elizabeth, mother of John

the Baptist, Mary, sinner who anointed, Mary Magdalene, and Martha

and Mary of Bethany.

14. Jesus entrusted a woman, Mary, with the very first proclamation of the

Gospel. Women remained at the cross until the burial and were the first at

the empty tomb. Paul’s first convert in Europe was Lydia, a businesswoman

In John 4:27-30, Jesus used a woman to bring out an entire village to hear

the Gospel. Rom. 16:1-2 Phoebe was called “a servant of the church....

worthy of all respect.”

15. N.T. commended these outstanding women for their direct involvement

in the advancement of the Gospel. In the Bible-that supposedly patriarchal

book designed to keep women in their place-women are called by God to

do all kinds of things.

16. For most of recorded history, women have had very little power. 19th

amendment in 1920. Illegal for women to vote. 25 yrs. ago women could not

sign for apt., credit card, apply for loan unless husband co-signed. Times

have changed. Women mayors in 80+ cities. 3 mil. businesses owned/oper.

by women, 50% of lawyers, accts., teachers are female. 1/3 all medical

degrees awarded to women. Have stepped out from behind men and are

equal partners.

17. The early church benefited greatly from the contributions of many

women. The church today is still benefiting from the work of women.

May there always be a surplus of women like Mary, Elizabeth, Mary

Magdalene, Phoebe, Deborah and the others.

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