Summary: we are told that once we become a Christian we should be dead to sin, what does that mean how do you do that?

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Romans 6:1-11

Getting on the Same Page as God about being dead to sin


A. Back to our Series on Getting on the Same Page as God

B. I thought that we should review what we have studied since it has been about a month

C. We have look at Getting on the Same Page as God about:

a. Who we are in Christ (1:1-7)

b. Putting our Faith in Action (1:8-17)

c. His Wrath (1:18-32)

d. Hypocrisy (2:1-16)

e. True Religion (2:17-3:8)

f. Our Guilt (3:9-20)

g. How Salivation works (3:21-30)

h. Faith (4:1-25)

i. The Benefits of Salvation (5:1-11)

j. Basis of Salvation

D. If you missed any of these, please see me, I will either get you the notes or the tape, or you can go to sermon central, and look under contributor type in my last name and from there you will be able to find them

E. Today we are going to look at being Dead to sin

F. Paul once again was anticipating objections from his reader

G. Knowing what their objection would be he states them and then respond

H. The argument would go something like this:

a. The Objector: You have just said that god’s grace is great enough to find forgiveness for ever sin

b. Paul: Yes I did

c. The Objector: you are in fact, saying that God’s grace is the greatest and most wonderful thing in all of this world

d. Paul: Yes I am

e. The objector: Well if that is so, let us go on sinning, the more we sin the more grace will abound. Sin does not matter for God will forgive anyways. In fact we can go further tan that and say sin is an excellent thing, because sin gives the grace of God a chance to operate. The conclusion of your argument is that sin produces grace; therefore sin is bond to be a good thing if it produces the greatest things in the world.

I. Paul reaction to that – By No means! Paul then begins to explain how this all works

J. Today we are going to look at being dead to sin, specifically

a. The reality of being dead to sin

b. The reason we are dead to sin

c. The results of being dead to sin

I. The Reality of Being Dead to Sin (1-5)

A. Explanation

1. What is the point of Baptism?

2. The word Baptism has two basic meaning. One is a literal meaning, to dip or immerse and the other is a figurative meaning – to be identified with

3. It appears that Paul has both concepts in his mind when he was writing this section

4. We read in Acts 10:34-48 about Cornelius. As soon as he believed He and his whole family were baptized.

5. Symbolically showing an inward change

6. Let’s take a look at the more literal meaning of baptism

7. To explain this one what happens when we are baptized

a) Usually this is done in a body of water

b) Then the person who is getting baptized is lowered into the water, the lowering is symbolic of Christ death

c) Then the person is under the water, to illustrate being buried

d) Then we raise the person out of the water, to tell of the resurrection

B. Application

1. Now lets apply this to our lives

2. Once we accept Christ, we are identified with Christ, we are one with Christ

3. Because we are identified with him we are buried with Him

4. We go through what He went Through

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