Summary: Third in a series of sermons on the Beatitudes

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Blessed are the Meek

TEXT: Mat 5:5


· Notice how men are portrayed in the media?

· Doesn’t say much but is rugged & built like a linebacker, drive fancy sports car...In beer adds he’s grabbing for the gusto...with women he’s a conqueror...confident & poised

· In contrast, Xn writer Joyce Landorf says women want their men tough & tender

· Rare combo of strength & stability blended w/ kindness & compassion

· In a word, meek

· Jesus...meekness is part of the character of a Xn

· Third series as we work our way thru the Beatitudes – today…blessed are the meek


A. Gr word interesting, rich & full of meaning

1. Used to describe a wild stallion that has been tamed & brought under control

2. Describe carefully chosen words that soothe strong emotions

3. Describe the ointment that takes the sting out of a wound

4. Plato: A child asking a Dr to be gentle as he treats him

5. Describes those who are polite, have tact, are courteous, & treat others with dignity & respect

B. In other words, "Happy are those who have strength under control, who are peaceful & calm when surrounded by a heated atmosphere, who emit a soothing effect on those who are angry."

1. That’s the meekness Jesus is talking about

C. Applications are numerous


A. No hint of weakness

1. Easy to confuses meekness w/ weakness

2. Is power under control

B. Everyone of us has all kinds of power

1. Power to influence others

2. Power to be a blessing to others or make them miserable

3. Husbands & wives get into power struggles (Q marriage must decide who’s in charge here)... roommates in the barracks get into power struggles... parents have power struggles w/ their kids... kids have power struggles w/ their parents

4. Power to make decisions that will impact pos or neg on others

5. Meekness keeps the power under control

(IL) Mac Fountain story

(IL) I Sam: God has promised David he would be King instead of Saul... David had served Saul (killed Goliath... play his harp for Saul...had done nothing to incite Saul against him... yet Saul repeatedly tried to kill him... Even went out with his army & chased David across the mountains & desert...Saul in a cave, David crept up & cut a piece of a Saul’s robe... Had the power & opportunity to take matters into his own hands & kill Saul, but he didn’t...Another occasion Saul was sleeping & David crept up & took his spear & water jug. Had power & opportunity to kill Saul, but he didn’t...The throne of Israel was w/in his grasp...David had power under control & he trusted God for the outcome rather than taking matters into his own hands.


A. One of biggest battles we’ll ever face

(IL) Like Arabella Young. Her tombstone stands on a hillside next to a church in the English countryside:

"Beneath this stone, a lump of clay,

Lies Arabella Young,

Who on the 24th of May,

Began to hold her tongue."

B. Meekness is evident when our tongues are under control

1. Words can soothe & refresh

a. Bring encouragement, healing, reconciliation, comfort, let people know they’re loved & understood, help others preserve dignity & self-esteem

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