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Summary: Now brothers how many of you have sons. You see I only have two daughters..I only wished for a son...but now you men here today who have sons, don’t most of you stick out your chest a little more about your son, are your proud of him and his achievement?

Sermon by Dr. M. Marshall Woodard III


Gen 1:27

Well the Bible says so and you read it, in fact let’s look at it again. So God created man, in His own image and likeness God created man.(elaborate) But not only did God create us in His image and likeness but let’s look at these verses of the creation story carefully and see what they reveal about our creation.

3. 6. 9. 14. 20. 24. In these passage we find the words let there be!

Verse 26. "Let Us" It took a truing effort for man to come into being.....God the Father, God The Son and God The Holy Ghost all got together and created man in their Image and likeness. We were made in the image and likeness of God my brothers.

Now brothers how many of you have sons. You see I only have two daughters..I only wished for a son...but now you men here today who have sons, don’t most of you stick out your chest a little more about your son, are your proud of him and his achievement? I’m sure you are but I’m also sure you’re proud of him just because..he looks like you, walks like you, talks like you and if he doesn’t....you’ll start checking out the milkman or the butcher.

Well if you boast and puff up your chest because your son looks like you, shouldn’t God boast and puff out His chest because of you His Sons looking like Him? Come on brothers, don’t go to sleep on this Castor oil after all.. He made you in His image and His likeness. So someone should be able to look at you and get some type of an idea as to what God looks like...Ladies, where are all the men who look like God? Have you seen any lately?

As I prepared myself in meditative moments to speak a word to the men of this church, I became engrossed in the alarming facts about crimes in our communities, here in Nassau Bahamas, we have gang violence, drugs, teen pregnancies, unwed mothers, HIV/Aid epidemic, and the staggering number of our families in which the only parent visible in any form is the mother. All of these issues can be related to these Boyz (walking around with their pants hanging down and their underwear showing) in the hoods.

Oh don’t look at me in surprise as if to say that may be the case in St Crux or the U. S. where I came from, because I am here to tell you that it is systemic to communities world wide due to the powerful forum that rap and hip hop music has become, all it points to is a much deeper problem as a generation of despairing men have shunned their God given duty. God told us men to take dominion and subdue the earth. God is looking for some real men. Job..if a man doesn’t work he shouldn’t eat.

But instead of working and taking dominion, to many men are roaming the streets lost in a perpetual state of hopelessness. Men with no thoughts or interests in the things above. Why are they so many young men living with no hope? Walking the streets lost..these Boy in the hood. Where are the positive role model’s that they should have, instead they are shooting drugs in their veins, while they shoot each other down in the prime of their life.

Now sin has a way of destroying the family structure to the third and forth generations of the ungodly. In chapter three of Genesis, we find that Adam failed to stand up and be a man, he was weak and followed Eve into disobedience...man was punished with a curse...banished form the garden of Eden.

The fruit of sin does not fall far from the tree...let’s go to Genesis chapter for verses 6-9..Here we find that the sins of the parents now fall on the next generation in manifest fashion, sin has brought forth jealously and greed which in return bring violence and death.

The reason these Boyz in the hood, are terrorizing our neighborhoods, That what it is, and that’s why you have burglar alarms on you cars in your homes and offices, Bars on your doors and windows....on the inside you have bars, and if your house catches fire you will almost dye trying to unlock the bars to get out of the house.

Meanwhile outside these Boyz in the Hood are snatching little Old ladies bags, and knocking them down as they come out of the banks from cashing their retirement check, is because the men who should be subduing the neighborhoods and in the house sucking on a beer, talking about if they come up in here I got something for them, and the thugs are outside your door selling drugs, driving by while your head is in the sand taking your daughters off somewhere impregnating them, while all the while you are out somewhere working two jobs because you planned to put them thru college.

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