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  • Education: OUR VISION Our vision is to make a positive impact upon the world and the community we serve, by creating a city-wide family center in which all are welcome-a place where all individuals and families can grow and flourish in faith and discover God’s plan for their lives. Our Church is "A church where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord of all." It is the church that stands on the corner to be a friend to mankind regardless of race, color or creed. OUR PASTOR, M. Marshall Woodard III, Ph. D; was raised in Chicago Illinois, the son of Ernestine and the late Marshall Woodard, Jr. He professed faith in Jesus Christ in February 1954 and was baptized at the Greater Salem Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Reverend Leon Jenkins, Sr. Pastor Woodard graduated from the Edward Tilden Technical School For Boys in Chicago Illinois and received an B.A. Degree from the Ecumenical Institute – Chicago Illinois. He was drafted during the Viet Nam War and served in both the Army and the Marine Corp. After distinguishing himself in military service, he continued his education by earning a M.S. the D. Min. Degree from Martha’s Vineyard Theological Seminary; the D. Divinity Degree and D.Christian Education Degree from Trinity Theological Seminary. Dr. Woodard surrendered himself to the Gospel ministry in February 1974, and was licensed to preach by the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church of Honolulu, Hawaii under the pastorate of the Reverend Jimmie L. Smiley. In May of 1976, he was called and ordained for pastoral ministry becoming the second pastor of Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. Since leaving the Hawaiians Islands, he has served Third Baptist Church, Alexandria Virginia, New Beulah Missionary Baptist Church, Haines City Florida, Saint John First Missionary Baptist Church, Belle Glade Florida. Salem Missionary Baptist Church, Forrest City Arkansas and The Mt. Horeb Baptist Church Nassau Bahamas. Reverend Woodard is past president of the Florida HIV/AIDS Council of Palm Beach County, Florida, Bible Expositor for the African American Council Of Christian Clergy and serves on the Board of Christian Education for the National Baptist Convention of America. Dr. Woodard has committed his life to serving and helping every person, regardless of background and economic status, to achieve their fullest potential. Since re-locating his virbrant teaching and outreach ministry from the United States Nassau in the Bahamas, Pastor Woodard’s message of love and hope is touching hearts and changing lives in our community, and around the world.
  • Experience: History Of Rapture Ministries International Inc. This ministry started in early 1978 on the island of Oahu Hawaii as an evangelistic outreach effort of the 25th Infantry Division Recondo School Instructor Marshall Woodard. Originally soldiers met in their Company day rooms for prayer, praise and Bible study. The need to worship and praise God in a time frame that was not allowed in the post chapel arose which led to the planting of four churches. Prayer Center COGIC Bishop T.H. Sadler & Elder Paul Martin, Trinity M.B. Church Reverend Jimmy Smily & Reverend Rubin Creel, City Of Refuge Christian Center Elder Anderson, and Calvary M.B. Church Reverend M. Woodard & Reverend Jimmy Smily. Because of the military makeup of their congregations and the uniqueness of island ministry, these churches grew very close in fellowship. It was this interdenominational fellowship that would eventually lead to the building of an international ministry. Both Reverends Smiley & Woodard retired from the military and left Hawaii to plant churches in Georgia and Florida respectively. Rapture Ministry International Inc., is the independent, interdenominational, multifaceted evangelistic ministerial outreach of the City Of Refuge Christian Assembly which has dual headquarters in Fort Lauderdale Florida, and Nassau Bahamas. This ministry places a strong emphasis on prayer, praise, Bible training, outreach and evangelism. It’s vision was initially received by Pastor Woodard in late 1987 while serving on the Board of Christian Education of the National Baptist Convention. Since that time the vision has become more crystalized and defined. In 1997, the Lord expanded our vision of ministry to include a School of Ministerial Development Program, to provide intensive instruction and training on specific areas and subjects of ministry. Plans are being formulated to offer these courses through a correspondence program on line.
  • Family: Dr. Woodard is the proud and blessed parent of two daughters; Tiffany and Marcia. His greatest joy is derived from the close, loving relationship he maintains with his three grandchildren, Nevaeh, Eric, and Jayon.
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  • A Blood Donor Saved My Life!

    Contributed on Jul 2, 2006
    based on 7 ratings

    Why don’t more people give to this noble cause? Could it be that we think more of the pain and suffering of the needle in our arms than the we think of the lives we could save. What if Christ had looked the cross in the same manner?

    Sermon by Rev. Dr. M. Marshall Woodard III A Blood Donor Saved My Life! Isaiah 53:1-12 Published: 03.26.2004 Arizona Star Dear Abby: Blood donors save lives BY JEANNE PHILLIPS UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE ̊ DEAR ABBY: For a grandmother fighting leukemia, a child more

  • Boyz In The Hood

    Contributed on Jul 1, 2006
    based on 7 ratings

    Now brothers how many of you have sons. You see I only have two daughters..I only wished for a son...but now you men here today who have sons, don’t most of you stick out your chest a little more about your son, are your proud of him and his achievement?

    Sermon by Dr. M. Marshall Woodard III BOYZ IN THE HOOD Gen 1:27 Well the Bible says so and you read it, in fact let’s look at it again. So God created man, in His own image and likeness God created man.(elaborate) But not only did God create us in His image and likeness but let’s look at more

  • Talk Is Cheap, The Walk Says Everything.

    Contributed on Jun 30, 2006
    based on 21 ratings

    So let me ask you this, are you walking the walk and talking the talk? Or are you like the dull knife James Brown sings about, "a dull knife that just ain’t cutting, talking loud but saying nothing."

    Sermon b y Dr. M. Marshall Woodard III Talk Is Cheap, The Walk Says Everything. Text: James 3:1-12, Supportive Scripture/Matthew 15:8 Have you ever had someone say to you, "I see that you can ’Talk the talk,’ but can you ’Walk the walk? As I was reading the scriptures for today, I began to more

  • Living By Faith

    Contributed on Jun 30, 2006
    based on 6 ratings

    True faith comes by hearing the Word of God, and without it, it’s impossible to please God. We are save by Grace thru faith plus nothing, and it is this faith that allows us to recognizing our own inability and the Lord’s ability.

    SERMON by Dr. M. Marshall Woodard III Living By Faith Romans 1:17 Text "The just shall live by faith" True faith comes by hearing the Word of God, and without it, it’s impossible to please God. We are save by Grace thru faith plus nothing, and it is this faith that allows us to more