Summary: A sermon on encouraging and lifting up others in the name of Christ.

[Lynn would like to acknowledge and thank two individuals: Years ago Pastor Rick Warren wrote a Sermon Series based upon 1 Corinthians 13, and John Ortberg wrote a book entitled: Everybody’s Normal Until You Get To Know Them. Lynn relied heavily upon these two resources for this series because they deal with Relationships and Community. He would like to recognize their influence in the preparation of these messages.]

We are studying today …

about the ability … to bring out the best in others …!...

But, i’d like to begin today with a survey

of the various types of lessons that you may have had to learn,

in your lifetime:

Now this is group participation time – so please, respond w/ an up-lifted hand:

?> How many of you have ever taken some type of music lessons?

?> How many have taken any swimming lessons?

?> How about golf lessons? … ?> flying lessons ?

?> How many have ever taken cooking lessons?

?> Horseback riding? ?> Tennis? ?> Public speaking lessons?

?> Scuba diving? ?> Underwater basket weaving? …

You get the idea.

Our society believes in continuing education.

that - is one reason, why community colleges – are so popular.

But, while all of the lessons that you just indicated you’ve had,

are very good, there’s one area of lessons that most of us

have never had any public, formal training in.

yet it’s the most important area of all : relationships !

We all need lessons on relationships.

we all need lessons on loving.

that’s what we’re doing in this series:

connecting to our community..

We’ve been focusing on the 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians, which is

known as: the love chapter … and we’ve been looking individually

at the various aspects/characteristics of true love …

and in vrs. 4, we read:

"Love is kind." - 1 Cor. 13:4

?> what does that mean ?...

Former President Bush, #41, wanted a:" kinder, gentler nation."

Don’t think we got there …

?> what does it mean to be kind ? … Kindness is love in action.

Remember what Grandpa George said to Sam, in The Grace Card:

“It is always easier to receive Grace … than it is to give it away…”

Yet - Vs. 4, in the Phillips version says: "Love looks for a way of being constructive."

Please circle: "being constructive."

Love - looks for a way, of improving somebody else’s life.

it builds people up !

So today …(as I mentioned) …

we want to talk about how to be a people builder.

Romans 15:2 says:

"We should consider the good of our neighbor and build up his character."

?> How do I build up the people in my life ?

?> how can I bring out the best – in others ?


If you’ve been a teacher; a parent; a husband, a wife; a friend;

if you work with business partners; if you go to school -- all

of us have people around us we’d like to build up,

that we’d like to bring out the best in.

Today we’re going to look at four practical things you can give

people that will build up the best in them.


You build people up by kindness – not by criticism.

Kindness is giving people what they need, not what they deserve.

Jesus gave people four things, the same four things you need to

learn to give if you’re going to be a people builder,

if you’re going to bring out the best in their life:

So Please … Follow With Me In Your Notes & Let’s Look At These Individually :


Ephesians 4:1, reads: "I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received."

Paul is urging people to make their life count !

He’s challenging them ! … He’s saying:

Don’t waste your life ! Be all that God made you to be !

Make your life count !

?> why does he say that ?...

Because we all need a cause, a project, a dream

that calls forth the best in our lives.

a challenge - strengthens us.

For twelve years the Green Bay Packers won only thirty percent of their games. By 1958 they were 1 - 10. They had a twelve season losing streak. Terrible team ! Along came a guy named Vince Lombardi. He was a people builder. During the next nine year reign at the Packers he had nine winning seasons, they beat their opponents 75% of the time and walked away with 5 national championships including their first two Super Bowls. He turned a losing team into a winning team. Lombardi was a people builder.

He knew how to bring out the best in people by issuing personal challenges to the players. And … as was evident 3 weeks ago today …that legacy is still hanging around as Green Bay won their 4th Super Bowl Title! But in the days before it was called: “The Super Bowl” (prior to 1967) this year boasted their 12th NFL Championship since joining the league in 1921 !!

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