Summary: Have you wonder why you are alive at this time and age? What is the mission that God has for you? The Bible tells us God in Jer 29:11 that He has a plan for our lives. Therefore, we seek God persistently to help us to fulfill his plan and purpose for our lives.

One of the most inspiring story of the Bible is the story of Joseph in Genesis chapters 37 to 41. When he was a young man, he received two dreams from God that one day he would be greatly used by God. He told the dreams to his brothers who were so jealous of him that they sold him to be a slave in Egypt.

In Egypt, his master was a man named Potiphar. Joseph was an intelligent young man who put his talents and ability to do his best in everything that he was assigned. Soon Potiphar trusted Joseph so much he places everything in his household to be under Joseph’s care.

Joseph not only caught the attention of Potiphar’s eyes, but also Potiphar’s wife. His wife had other not so good intentions for Joseph who was a strong, handsome young man. Joseph stood by his integrity and rejected her advances. This enraged her and she lied to Potiphar that Joseph is seducing her, and Potiphar was put on a spot. So, in order to save his own face, Potiphar put Joseph into the prison.

Potiphar who was also the captain of the guard of Pharaoh, put Joseph together with the other prisoners of Pharaoh and not a common prison.

Again, the good character and integrity of Joseph won the jailer’s trust, so Joseph was given the responsibility of taking care of the daily needs of all the other prisoners there.

Such was the testimony of Joseph that every where he went, he won the trust of the people in charge.

Imagine, a man of a lesser character will just show a bad attitude and be slothful at his work.

How many people will do his best and show the best of attitude when he is a slave, a prisoner and become so bitter and jade when your master’s wife falsely accuse you and then your master throw you into prison?

Yes, many people will do that, but not Joseph.

Back to the story…Because Joseph was in a special cell with Pharaoh’s prisoners. The opportunity availed itself; Joseph successfully interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh’s baker and cup bearer.

Two years later, when Pharaoh was looking for someone to interpret his dream, Joseph was called to help interpret his dream. As a result Pharaoh gave Joseph the responsibility to carry out the plan to store up the grain to help save the lives during the famine years.

The story of Joseph is so inspiring because he represents to us a man who lives with a sense of calling, purpose and destiny for his life. That is how everyone of us should live our lives.

But we say that we cannot be like him and we have a long list of excuse to support our claim. We say that have family problems, that people betray us, wrongly accuses us, we have difficulties, challenges and obstacles. Think again, Joseph has even more difficult circumstance than what many of us have.

Yet he continues to trust in God to keep him on track. He avoids the temptations and stays in faith and hope even as a slave and a prisoner. The awareness God’s calling, purpose is what help Joseph not lose hope and give up; helps him to uphold his integrity and good attitude, helps him to be diligent at everything he does, not to win the praise of man, but do as doing for God.

I will speak about calling, purpose and destiny.


Number 1: Let me speak on the subject on Calling.

Many may think that only some people have a special calling, for example those serving in full time capacity, in the church, in the Christian organizations, pastors, evangelist and missionaries.

However, when we read the Word of God, we realise that it is not the case with many people that God uses greatly. Bible characters such as Joseph and Daniel are people working as government officials. Abraham was a businessman and a nomadic shepherd. Noah is a farmer, Ruth was a homemaker, David was a shepherd boy who became an army general and a king. They are ordinary people holding ordinary occupation.

Therefore, if you are a teacher, a business manager, a service provider, an accountant, a parent, you are called by God to be in that position of influence. If you can see that, it will change the way you conduct yourself. Every day when you go to work, you will act and speak like a servant of God, one has been called by God to that place of service for His glory.


Number #2 : I will speak on Purpose.

The pandemic COVID -19 is a wake up call for everyone.

Are we awaken yet or are we still in our slumber ?

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