Summary: pt. 3

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Sealed with a Promise

Ephesians 1:12-14

How do we know we are not only saved but safe? Not only saved but secure? Because we’re not only saved, but sealed!

1. Salvation is of the Lord (by grace, thru faith…a gift)

We cannot be saved by grace and kept by works.

“Not you holding out, but God holding on!”

2. God’s vocabulary (definite, specific words He used)

3. Sealed w/ the Holy Spirit of promise

Eph. 1:13

It’s very important when we study the Bible to interpret words in their Biblical context. (thru the years, word meanings change somewhat)

The word “seal” meant something very significant to the believers in Ephesus…it conjured up a specific image in their minds.

What do you think of when you hear the word seal?

Kids—black animal that can balance a beach ball on its nose

Canners/gardeners—seal jars

Car guy—neoprene gasket

Some men would never think of the seal on a jar, some ladies…and probably some men, too, would not think of the seals on a car engine

Joke—lady called husband/said car won’t start, prob. has water in the gas/he says, how would you know that?/ She replied, It’s at the bottom of the lake!

Here’s the 3 primary meanings of the Biblical word “seal”:

1. Finished transaction

Ever had something notarized? Then you know what it means to have something sealed (notary embosses/imprints seal)

It’s a done deal, it’s official! And when you got saved, God sealed the transaction! “’Tis done, ‘Tis done, the great transaction’s done”

Think of it like a business transaction…God took all of your sins on your account: all the lust/greed/lies/impure thoughts/gossiping words/habits/evil deeds…God took it all, and placed it on Christ’s account. And Jesus Christ then paid for those sins when He died on the cross…and when He paid, He paid in full! Your sin debt has been paid…paid in full!

But it’s not done…it’s a 2 part transaction…God not only takes your sins and places them on Christ’s account, but then He does something even more wonderful…He takes the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and He places that on YOUR account!!

Question: What does it take to get into heaven? Give me 1 word which describes the entrance requirement… “Perfection”. The Bible says that no sin shall enter those gates.

You say, well, God will let me in…He’s a God of love!

Yes, He is, but He’s a holy God who even turned His back on His own Son, when He took our sins upon Himself on the cross.

And so, the only way to get into heaven w/out Christ is to live a perfect life…I didn’t say a good life, but a perfect life!

Anyone here perfect? Anyone know a perfect person?

Joke—pastor asked that/a timid man in back raised his hand/Pastor said, really?/well, I don’t know him, but I’ve heard a lot about him…he’s my wife’s first husband!

It’s takes perfection to get into heaven…and if you don’t have perfection, you’re gonna need to find it somewhere. And since you can’t achieve perfection…you’re gonna have to receive perfection…as a gift!

Only one Person can give it to you…only He can afford to purchase it for you.

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