Summary: The whole plan of salvation is only Jesus.

Reading: Galatians 2:16-20

Halloween customs on in your neighborhood, I’m one that arouses a marvel because of trick- a-treat thoughts. I’ll say to you that believing every thought that comes to your mind is a terrible thing to do. To regard as true beyond a shadow of doubt, you might. There’s some trick-a-treat shepherd’s out there dressed in sheep clothing and knocking on doors for treats. Prayerfully, I arouses a marvel because of thoughts that are coming to me in my mind.

God knows what’s in our heart. He knows what you’re going to say before you say it, so why should he get angry at you for saying something he knows you’re going to say anyway. God is not angry at you because you’re a tirade when you talk out of frustration and say ill-mannered things to people.

People will use a form of being concern only to follow you up; their aim is to tare you down. Flee from the presents of evil in those comments that can lead to resentment among playmates. Godly living consists of staying out of the wrong comments. Before you move make sure you move in wisdom. Move in wisdom because bullies don’t have reasonable deadlines for a specific project that they are involved in.

Watch out for those who act like they are concern about you without probable cause. Take a leap of faith out that hole. Walk a mile away remembering the shanty with the faith of Jesus Christ.

You know those trick-a-treat thoughts of the pass will come back to haunt you. They’re like pop-ups that appear out of nowhere, an iron tool for stirring molten ore in a furnace. When there is a bully in your life, God expects for you to go to the bully, reprimand him or her, but not in front of others. Something that is intended may not be the aim or purpose at all. Sometimes people aim or purpose is to befriend you, but in the end they turn out to be bullies. Bullying is never acceptable or appropriate.

Talk about breaking the spells of the devil that he has on God’s creation. The other day I had to rebuke the devil for trying to find a place in my life to start his program. Making comments, a reference into someone else personal life in front of other people is a form of witchcraft.

We are justified by the faith of Jesus Christ by believing that we are justified by the faith of Christ. You have to know that faith without works is dead; and works are not justified by the law of salvation. Once you see how assurance works, you will never forget it. A vision helps us see father. Assurance is what you need to feel your prime working. Jesus uses love to draw us to the father. Love is a vision without a vision of God in our life, we perish.

We see how assurance works as we carry the cross for life.

If you’re struggling with your faith in Jesus, you have the wrong kind of faith. The faith of Jesus gives assurance, and not the works of the law, because no flesh is justified by the law before God. Cling 2 the faith of Jesus.

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Darren T. Sirmans

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