Summary: Christ desires to make us holy and more like him. The process is called sanctification.

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Christ our Sanctifier


A. Sanctification has caused a lot of problems within our denomination and with other denominations throughout the history of the CMA

B. It is a very difficult subject to deal with because no one can really explain what happens during the process of sanctification

C. I would venture to guess that is every one would explain their experience with sanctification without using big terms then we would have a lot less arguments about the true meaning of Sanctification.

D. As it is though, I will attempt to explain Sanctification according to CMA standards.

E. Before we can go on talking about Sanctification it must be stated that in order to experience sanctification you must be saved first. There is no such thing as a sanctified non believers

F. As I mentioned to you last week I was saved at 3 or 4.

I. Initial Sanctification

A. Explanation

1. Like last week I would like to give you a definition for Sanctification: Sanctification is the continuing work of God in the life of the believer, making him or her actually holy.

2. Initial Sanctification then starts at conversion

3. Before conversion sanctification can not happen

4. The term sanctification literally means to separate.

B. Illustration

During the first years after conversation I was in this stage of sanctification. Yes I was learning more about God. Yes, I knew if I was to die that I would go to Heaven. However, like a child growing it is not something you could measure every day, or even some years every year. The Idea of separation was not getting through my mind. I was no different then anyone else. But there still was growth

C. Application

1. What about you? Are you growing?

2. What about this idea of separation? Are you there?

3. Is there a difference between your life and a non-believer?

II. Crisis Sanctification

A. Explanation

1. Something happens in the life of the believer with he or she realizes that there is so much more of God out there.

2. This is what we call the crisis point of sanctification

3. We get the name crisis sanctification cause often(though not necessary) this occurs at a moment of crises

4. Often during that moment of crisis the believer will choose to surrender his will and rely totally on God

B. Illustration

This experience of crisis sanctification happened to me August 4, 1992. Let me give you a little background on what happened in my life leading up to then. I was in the hospital for a week. I was turn down for a job at Edinburg. I just seem like my life was a wreck. All summer however, I was able to be at different places learning more about God. It was August 4 however that I finally fully surrendered my life to Christ.

C. Application

1. The question is have you been to that point?

2. Are you to the place in your life were you are willing to say “God take complete control of my life”

3. Do you know that bumper sticker that says, “God is my co-pilot?” Well that must be a person who has not experienced the crisis point of sanctification

4. One who has experienced the crisis point of sanctification would realize that God is not his co-pilot. He would realize that God is his pilot.

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