Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Everyone like to claim he or she is the greatest, how can we claim that when Christ is the greatest?

Hebrews 4:14-16

Christ the Great One


Babe Ruth was the greatest baseball player of all time, at least in many peoples mind. Everybody still talks about the Babe. He was amazing. Did you know that when he retired he owned 5 offensive records? That is an amazing accomplishment. However he know only owns one now. He still was a good player but people have past him now.

For 2000 years people have been trying to pass Christ. No one has. No one ever will. Christ is the Ultimate high Priest.

Today we are going to look 3 areas that describe the Ultimate High Priest:

1. The Greatness of Christ (14)

2. The Compassion of Christ (15)

3. The Openness of Christ (16)

I. The Greatness of Christ (14)

A. Explanation

1. Jesus is referred to as a high priest, now we do not use the term high priest anymore, but in our context we could call it the same as the President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Dr. Peter Nefelt

2. However the man who was the president right before Nefelt was Bubbna. Bubbna died, Christ died too. However, Christ rose from the dead

3. This makes Christ greater then anyone one else who has ever lived.

4. Do not forget that and hold on to the faith that you possess

B. Application

1. One of our biggest sins that we are guilty of we never mention

2. That would be the sin of putting God in a Box.

3. Listen we say it all the time but we don’t follow through, Christ is Greater then anything that we can conceive

4. Christ is the greatest person to ever walk this earth! Amen?

C. Illustration

1. Find a list of names of Christ read it with passion

II. The Compassion of Christ (15)

A. Explanation

1. There are many things in life that I just cant relate to. I do not know what it means to loose a sibling, I do not now how it is to have my parents divorce there is a lot I don’t understand.

2. Christ does understand what it means to be human. He lived.

3. He was tried and tempted in the very same way we are.

4. However, that what I have described is only the ability to sympathize.

5. Christ take is up a notch. Christ is able to empathize.

6. Sympathize means to feel with. Empathize means to “in Feel”.

7. The only was to empathize is to be going through the very same situation, Christ is always with us. He can empathize with us.

B. Application

1. Folks, we can turn to Christ whenever we need.

2. Christ is always there

3. He understands what we are going through he knows are hurt he know our pain. Christ just wants us to crawl up in his lap and call him Daddy. You know that feeling when you were young and upset and you would cuddle with your Daddy and all the pain and hurt would disappear.

4. Christ wants to do that for you. Let HIM

C. Illustration

My job is rough sometimes, I listen to sad story after sad story. I want to have compassion on everybody but I don’t understand what all they are going through. I fail in that regard. I want to take away the pain and hurting but I cant. Sue Frey Family… Folks Turn to Christ and let him hold you!

III. The Openness of Christ (16)

A. Explanation

1. First of all with confidence does not imply we approach the throne impulsively, we are not to be brash or brave either when approaching the throne

2. We are to approach with humility and assurance that Christ will meet us

3. This is not a throne of law. We would all be in trouble

4. This is a throne of Grace! All I can say to that is THANK YOU!

5. We will never be turned away from the throne of Christ

6. You will receive the mercy and find grace to help you in your time of need.

B. Application

1. He is there

2. There never is line. There is never a busy signal. Never traffic light. Never stop sign. Never a connection time. Never a hold the line thing. Never a traffic jam.

3. He is always there

4. He will give you the mercy, and you will find the grace.

5. Just call on HIM!

C. Illustration

The other day I was sitting in a traffic jam when I really had to be somewhere. You know you were rushing to get somewhere and then the traffic and you get frustrated. So I was sitting there and started to pray. God was there for me. In that time that seemed so useless it turned out to be the best time with my heavenly father

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