Summary: The restrictions placed on the human population due to health concerns have deeply affected Christians. This is a call to personal action on the part of the believer. It is time to put our faith into action.

Church closures and regulations-Time for personal action

There have long been calls to regulate religious institutions. From being used as fronts for all sorts of activities ranging from the nefarious to the holy, religious institutions have grown to becoming part of our daily lives. The right to congregate and worship has long been protected and valued worldwide. However, with the spread of the corona virus and the implementation of social distancing and other regulations aimed at stopping the spread of the disease, physical attendance at religious activities has been severely curtailed and the freedom of association and right to worship severely affected.

Writing as one affiliated to Judeo-Christian beliefs, it has been traumatic for the Christian community who were used to going about their activities without any hindrance whatsoever. For ages, the religious ministers were there to offer services to the adherents at the drop of a hat. Suddenly, the flock have to see the ministers through screens or other media, no more face to face and if any, strictly regulated. Kudos to the ministries that already had digital presence as they continued on a better footing as compared to those who didn’t, those who now face relegation to the backbenches if not total closure. For long, we took the availability of our religious premises for granted and never imagined that a day would come when entry therein would be restricted. We imagined that we would be baptized, counseled, married or buried as need arose with all who wanted to be present allowed, but alas this is no longer the case. The pain and shame of seeing some ministers affiliated to our faith being humiliated, begging and making statements that are ‘unchristian’ is almost too much to bear and has left some terribly confused, others depressed and lost and others on the verge of things far worse.

However, what does this mean to the adherents of faiths affiliated to Judeo-Christianity and its principles?

This, Beloved, is a time to study the scriptures for yourself. No excuses. No blaming of religious leaders. No blaming of the ‘illuminati’ and other enemies of the church real or imagined.

Acts 17:11 calls on us all to be as noble as the Berean church who took time to study messages with great eagerness. Take time and study what you have been taught in services, meetings, trainings, conferences and the like. Ensure that it is scriptural. Sad tales abound in our midst of deception, fraud, exaggeration, misrepresentation and outright heresy in the preaching of what is purportedly from The ALMIGHTY. We have also heard of horrendous tales from the land of no return, where on seeking admission into heaven, people of our faith have been denied entry. They have then heaped not only blame but curses on their religious leaders. The angels of The MOST HIGH have then asked them whether they studied the scriptures for themselves. Many have not in spite of having the ability to do so. For those lacking the ability to read, we have audio materials and many recorded meetings where questions have been asked and answered. Above all this, we have the ability and the opportunity to pray and seek the voice and face of The MOST HIGH.

Beloved, especially for you in the country of Kenya, the education you have received is sufficient to enable you read and decipher the scripture for yourself, of course with the help and guidance of The HOLY SPIRIT. There is no excuse for the proliferation of heresy within your soul. You are responsible for your salvation. As the scriptures put it, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2:12. This is the time Beloved, to search the scriptures and find out if what you believe is scriptural. The Bible promises us that a time is coming when The MOST HIGH will send a famine in the land, a famine for HIS Word .Amos 8:11-12. Beloved, take this time to fill and satiate yourself with HIS Word so that when that time comes you will not starve to death. Ensure that you are truly standing on The ROCK.

Beloved, it is also a time to develop your spiritual muscles and pray. Being a child of The MOST HIGH is a full time job with no break. Basically, we are required to be holy as our FATHER is Holy. We are to display the fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT as well as the gifts bestowed on us. This is a good season to strengthen ourselves in The MOST HIGH and in HIS Kingdom. Instead of spending time building other kingdoms affiliated with darkness, how about investing in the eternal Kingdom of YESHUA by actually living and doing what HE commanded us to do. How about speaking to each other with Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs? How about making music in our hearts to our King? How about giving thanks in all things? Ephesians 5:19

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