Summary: A communion sermon on proper table attitudes

1 Cor. 10:14-22

“Come to the Table”


A. The other day Connie, Rick, Will, and Beth were in the parking lot hooking up a trailer to pull Will’s truck with Beth’s truck so that they could would only have to drive one vehicle rather then 2

B. As always the wires for a trailer were being a little ornery

C. So we were trying to figure out what to use to get them to work

D. If we had this one type of wire connector that would work real good, but we didn’t

E. So we thought about what we did have here at the church.

F. Foil, wrapped a little foil around it and bam it worked perfectly

G. Now lets think about this, why do we have foil at the church

H. Well if someone get married what do we do? Have a party with food

I. Someone dies? Have a meal after the funeral

J. New members? Have a reception with food

K. Annual Meeting? Lunch afterwards

L. Special event? We have food

M. Try to reach out to our community? There is usually food involved

N. Men’s Bible study just finished their study of being wild at heart, so what are we going to do on May 22nd? Celebrate! How are we going to celebrate it? With food!

O. We are going to Ci Ci’s

P. Food, dinners, that is something should understand here at Bakerstown Alliance

Q. We should know what we need to bring to the table

R. Today we are going to use are knowledge of what to bring to the table and apply it to what we are to bring to the Lord’s Table

I. Clean Hands

A. Illustration

1. Kid’s are dirty

2. No matter what a kid does, he will be dirty

3. I don’t know how it happens but all kids get dirty

4. So being a good parents what do ask your kids before they sit down at the table

B. Explanation

5. Good. Wash your hands

6. It is a federal law that Employees who handle food must wash there hands before they serve your food

7. That is because your hands can carry bacteria that will cause you to get sick or die

8. Therefore we wash our hands before we come to a table

C. Application

9. Now how do we apply this to the “Lord’s Supper”

10. We should not be approaching the Lord’s Table with dirty hands

11. When we look at verse 27 – 28 we fall into two different categories

12. Category #1 we approach the table with a non chalant attitude

a) No big deal, no thought of what it means, no examination of our lives

b) Just like we own it and deserve it for some reason

c) We are to examine ourselves before the communion making sure that there is not the uncunfessed sins living inside of us

13. Category #2 we don’t approach the table at all

a) We did the self examination, and we realize we are not worthy

b) We have sinned, we do not deserve to be participate in the Lord’s supper

c) That is true none of us are worthy by ourselves

d) But if we have trusted Christ as our savior, then we are eligible

e) We are authorized to come to the table

II. Good Appetite

A. Illustration

1. My mother has ruined a lot of fun in my life

2. There is something that she instilled in me that I can not get over

3. The all famous “no dessert until you eat all your food”

4. I remember being down at Toccoa getting ready to eat my dessert first, knowing that my mom was 650 miles away

5. I just couldn’t do it, all four years of being down there I had to eat my other food before I ate my dessert

B. Explanation

6. If you are going to someone else’s house for supper you better have an appetite

7. If you are invited to someone’s house for supper an 1 hr before you are supposed to be there you have a 20oz coke a bag of chips, a full box of little Debbie’s, you will not have an appetite

8. you will have a little appetite for good stuff

9. Take a look at 1 Cor 10:21 (Read it)

10. That cup of demons is the junk food

C. Application

11. Applying these concept to our lives we need to realize something here

12. God offers us a substantive meal – granted the little bit of bread and the little bit of grape juice will not fill us up physically

13. They will fill our spiritual hunger

14. When we stuff ourselves with the junk food of sin, we loose our appetite for the banquet of God has prepared for us

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Lorna Anderson

commented on Feb 8, 2020

I am teaching on "The Table" and looking for ideas. Should I tell you there are a lot of errors in this sermon? I have been a proof reader many years and spot all the misspelled words and misused words. It would be more meaningful if things were corrected.

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