Summary: An autobiography correlated to scripture references revealing those peculiar things in The Word as applied to our life.

A Peculiar Diary

By Zelia Logan-Smith

Sermon Topic: Coming to Understanding - Spiritual Growth

Main Verse: Mark 4 Chapter

Note: The numbers indicate references in the study guide at the end of the text.

1-24 I know you have wondered about things; the things that exist in unknown places. You have even wondered about what happened before the book of Genesis. 2 To deny this might merit a close self -examination of your inner self for 3-39 we are a peculiar people. What makes us peculiar? 39 What is so special about us that caused an upset in the entire spirit realm and a disturbance in the force? 39 Why are we here? Right away, you have already thought: 29 this is not necessary for salvation, 4 this is foolishness. However, 26-28 the knowledge of these things is vital to begin 47 the process of awakening in order to obtain that Higher Degree of Glory; 8 our eternal destination, and to partake of 26-27-28-33-36 the benefits of salvation.

The development of this study is from scriptures in The Holy Bible; 5 No way do they dispute or disclaim the things that written in the sacred book or are they meant to cause contention. 1-6-24 It is intended to further enhance the meaning of the scriptures and enlighten the reader as to life in the Word. I was 7 lead by The Holy Spirit over a period of 63 years in bringing these things forth; they were always present in my life in the quest for knowledge, even as a child. The way by which they came forth verified that it was 7-18-32 the work of The Almighty One that had 8 a beginning before the beginning of time’s time; 9 revealed to a child on milk.

10 It was the year 1950-1951 when I was only 2 years old, the period of my mischievous escapades as a child, when 48 peculiar things were happening but I could not tell anyone, 29 because I really did not know what it was. 48 I can recall dreams that came into existence and witnessed visions as an everyday experience. Besides that, I dared not mention it because I caused enough peculiar things to happen just by living every day. I was a sort of “Deep Delta Rural Dennis The Menace”… I was curious, very curious and the fact that 11 I was the only child at home with aged parents did not help matters at all.

The curiosity was so great until daddy could not go and fellowship with the deacons at the church because of me, I wanted to follow him everywhere he went. 12--24 Daddy often studied The Bible and 14-15 influenced me to do the same by feeding me the milk of the Word. 13-14-15 I was engaged in riddles of concepts and precepts in The Word and these things remained in my Spirit. Being the only child at home, I often played alone but I developed creative methods of play. 14 I played church in the pond down the lane; the congregation was twigs that fell from the walnut trees. I dressed the little people of wood in scraps of cotton material; I baptized them as I sang in the choir and preached. 14-15-12 I loved to imitate daddy so therefore, 15 I often picked up the bible and pretended to study. He actually allowed me to play with his books in order to view the beautiful colorful pictures of ancient places and characters. 15 I pretended to be characters in the pictures; 14-16 I must have known that I belonged in the Word. 15-17 I always pretended to be a character that was close to the one that had the light around his head.

I could not read at this time but daddy taught me how to write my first name. I remember trying to write it on paper; daddy’s bible. I wrote constantly in the book of Matthew 16: 4 and even though I did not know it then , years later, I found the page where I had written the backwards “Z”…the upside down “E”…the crooked “L” the side -ways “I and the “a” that looked like an “o”. I laughed upon viewing this but laughter stopped when I saw that I had written my name where Jonas name recorded in the verse. That verse reads: “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas…

Music was an everyday companion of the family and daddy taught me the very first song, “Angels Keep Watch Over Me”. I would sing this to him and he would coach me how to hold out notes and keep in tune. I can imagine the words that I made up while trying to perform for him. That song remained in my head. Boy, to think that angels were watching over me, this made me straighten up a bit from all of the havoc I caused. Music became a major part of my life in the ministry of music with my family.

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