Summary: Even though Paul was in bonds, he rejoiced that the Gospel continued to be preached. He refused to allow his circumstances create despair. We too must seek every opportunity to share our faith, while rejoicing for others who are committed as well.

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Committed to Promoting the Gospel

Philippians 1: 12-18

As one reads the opening verses of this letter, it is not immediately evident that Paul was bound in prison. His joy and positive attitude conceal the difficulties he faced daily. Although he was not free to move about within society, Paul determined to continue serving the Lord. He knew that physical limitations did not prevent him from being effective in ministry. Even while in bonds, he determined to advance the Gospel by every means available. He refused to accept defeat.

While we are not physically bound today, we often allow circumstances to hinder our service and witness for the Lord. It is easy to get discouraged and feel as if we are no longer effective in sharing the Gospel. We tend to develop a mindset that dictates our area of service, and if that particular area is no longer available, we assume we can no longer be effective in service. The church needs those with the desire and commitment of Paul, those who will seek to be used of the Lord regardless of present circumstances. There is always an opportunity to be used of the Lord, regardless of our present environment or situation.

As we discuss the affirmations of Paul within the text, I want to consider the challenging thought: Committed to Promoting the Gospel.

I. The Perspective in Suffering (12-13) – Paul encouraged the Philippian believers to always maintain a proper perspective while serving the Lord. Things were not always as they appeared. Consider:

A. The Recognition (12a) – But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel. Apparently some in Philippi had questioned God’s faithfulness to Paul and were having a hard time understanding why he was forced to suffer being imprisoned. He wanted to explain his situation and help them understand the work of God that was taking place even though he was imprisoned. While it seemed desperate on the surface, God was using Paul’s bonds to advance the Gospel. He wanted them to live by faith instead of allowing doubt and fear to direct their lives. Paul was actively living out the truths he taught in Romans 8:28.

B. The Results (12b) – But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel. While it appeared that Paul had been removed from active service and was no longer effective in global ministry, just the opposite was true. The bonds Paul suffered had actually “turned out” to further the Gospel.

We only have the ability to see our current situation. We often judge our circumstances on personal feelings or immediate results. We lack the ability to see the big picture, fully comprehending what God is doing and how He is working in the midst of our situation. While things look desperate and gloomy from our perspective, God can, and does, take our situations and work them out for our good and His glory. The trial you face today is not enjoyable, but God is sovereignly working in your life according to His divine plan. Your perseverance in this trial may actually lead to the salvation or renewal of others!

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