Summary: A guide for those seeking to serve GOD in marriage

A man living with a woman without marriage

This happens because a person does not have faith to believe that YAHWEH can unite him or her in marriage. Many reasons are cited  here:

Lack of money to do a church wedding-This is a lie. Many bona fide churches charge a minimal governmental fee to conduct a wedding. The real problem here is that the couple wants to impress their friends and relatives and show them that they also can do a wedding and keep up with the Jones’. Most of the times, they need the money to engage in traditions that are not biblical such as buying paraphernalia attached to familiar spirits as they seek consent from ancestors and families to wed. Bottom line, you should not live with a person who is not your husband or wife whatever the circumstances.

Lack of parental consent- Some couple opt to stay together as they wait for their parents to consent. This is a recipe for disaster. The key here is prayer and direction from YAHWEH. Such couples should seek intervention from YAHWEH, others and the church. Staying together to prove a point is not in the couple’s best interest.

Pregnancy out of wedlock-The ideal situation is that a pregnancy should occur in a marriage. For it to occur outside a marriage already is a pointer that the walk of the individuals concerned with YAHWEH is not on the right track . This can be corrected although with heartache and pain but YAHWEH is a known Restorer. However, living together or forcing a marriage is not the solution.

To cut costs and expenditure-You find young people in colleges or in employment deciding to live together and share the benefits of marriage without a marriage. This is a lie. If you can’t afford school or to live alone, humble yourself and stay with your family. Actually, the real reason many people don’t want to stay with their families is because they do not want to honor YAHWEH and their parents with their lives. They want to go their own way and as is well known doing things your own way is a clear indication that you are on the path of destruction.

A man and a woman engaging in sexual intercourse without marriage

Biblically, this is unacceptable and those engaging in such activities will  Not inherit the kingdom of YAHWEH which apart from going to heaven also refers to the benefits YAHWEH has for HIS children here on earth but rather their punishment is supervised by YAHWEH Himself. Repent.

Two men exchanging affections and engaging in sexual intercourse with or without marriage

No matter how many laws or talk shows we see. This is expressly forbidden by YAHWEH. Two men cannot marry ,neither can they exchange affections that should be between a male and a female nor should they engage in sexual intercourse. The confusion and destruction that this brings is evident. For a Christian, there are no two ways about it, this is an abominable sin. If you have been engaging in such, turn away from such, ask YAHWEH for forgiveness and ask HIM to deliver you from the hands of the devil or else HE will abandon you to your evil desires and then where will you go and what will you do?

Two women exchanging affections and engaging in sexual intercourse with or without marriage

The same applies to women, lesbianism is an abominable sin. Turn away from it and stay away from it. Ask YAHWEH for help .He is faithful

Engaging in group sex /orgies

This practice is wrong because only two married people, one male and female are supposed to engage in intercourse. This sin is perpetuated in music videos with scantily clad individuals demonstrating sexual moves and gestures. Needless to say as one watches or listens to such things one is participating in them after all the eyes are the windows to your soul. Further, these so called artistes cannot be said to be enjoying fulfilled lives and therefore are unable to pass on any meaningful message to Christians and their families .Christians should follow the advice of Paul and shun them as they shun Christ.

-Exchanging of wives

An evil practice is creeping out of the shadows where wicked men exchange their wives with the deception that their sex lives can be improved. It’s even bizarre that those involved are in agreement. Sexual intercourse is not only about copulation but the union of two souls. This results in confusion, jealousy  ,betrayal and deeper dissatisfaction among those involved.

-Exchanging of husbands

This is similar to the above and is also a sin. Society and culture allows men to be openly promiscuous but this is not in line with scripture. Any person male or female who flouts YAHWEH’s standards with impunity and does not repent is in sin and needs to repent.

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