Summary: A guide for those seeking to serve GOD in marriage


This is the practice where one female has more than one husband. It rears it’s ugly head in relationships where you find one female has a different man to fulfill different aspects in her life. One for money, one for sex, one for children, one for the parents and society. This is outright evil.

Open displays of nudity and sexuality by both married  and unmarried persons

There is a fad in which people want to display nudity and sexual acts i public. This is proliferated in the media, on the internet and even in public. The making and releasing of sex tapes and nudes has become an epidemic. Now, sexual intercourse is a matter between you and your spouse and YAHWEH and not the whole world. I believe strongly that those who post such things online are initiating others unconsciously into a form of bondage. Nudity is also a private matter. The SPIRIT of YAHWEH is not in support of such activities.

Engagement in  sexual acts by one self

Masturbation and other forms of self stimulation are a sin. Self pleasuring one self whether on the presence or absence of the spouse who should be of the opposite sex is tantamount to telling YAHWEH that your plans don’t work and I will do it my way. Most people who engage in this have been exposed to sex in a wrong manner. The important thing is to realize and accept that you are wrong, repent and turn your situation over to YAHWEH. Channel that sexual energy to other forms of acceptable delivery like sports or develop another talent. The same applies to people who were in sexual relationships that failed. YAHWEH is a Restorer but one must ask HIM for the fruit of self control and trust HIM to give a legitimate spouse through which sexual and other satisfactions can be attained and off course be patient. YAHWEH makes all things beautiful in HIS time not your time.

Marrying one self

Recently, the media carried a story of a woman who married herself complete with guests and all the works. There is something wrong with this as it is not YAHWEH’s original plan. Also in this category are those who say that all men are bad, all women are bad, therefore I will stay alone and substitute other things for marriage yet the LORD has called them for marriage. Needless to say on judgment day, you will be unable to explain yourself and find yourself in hell. A Christian does the will of YAHWEH  not HIS own will and YAHWEH communicates HIS will. So there is no excuse. If you are called to celibacy that is a different case but if you have passions then clearly you are called to channel your passions in a marriage environment.

Engaging in sexual acts with animals

Although a joking matter nowadays, this is one of the acts expressly forbidden in the Bible with its penalty clearly stated. The earthly authorities may not stone you, but there is a day of reckoning. In this category, not only do we have people who commit sexual acts with domestic and wild animals, we have persons who have unhealthy relationships with teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Just because the animal is not alive does not make the act aright. Ladies should be careful in this area. Also dressing up like animals and engaging in sex is also a prelude to disgusting acts. In this category we have people who share beds with all sorts of animals are we surprised that such acts then occur. Consider yourself warned.

Engaging in sexual acts filled with depravity and violence

The act of copulation should be warm, secure  and live one filling fulfilled, contented and loved. Where people beat, tie, bite, draw blood insult, kill, maim, hurt or injure another person is not in YAHWEH’s plan. In this light where on person derives pleasure from the hurt of another is not in YAHWEH’s standard.

-Engaging in sexual acts with evil spirits/demons

This is not new. The Bible records instances where evil angels have left their domain and come to engage in sexual acts with humans. Sometimes this can even be in reality and not in another realm. If this happens to you, you need to surrender your life to CHRIST now and ask HIM to close the door through which this was opened and give you a way out. However, one must adhere to the principles of YAHWEH not  only as concerns marriage but also in other spheres of life. Total deliverance is possible

Engaging in sexual intercourse and other inordinate affections with relatives

As societal ties break, parents should be careful who interacts with their children. In some instances it is even the parents who are molesting the children. The Bible forbids marriage between close family members and also forbids marriage of a man to two sisters.

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