Summary: What a magnificent and awesome heavenly Father and Creator we have! Each of the key areas that He instructs us to petition Him for, are related to the vital areas of life!

Cornerstone Church March 26, 2006

“Prayer 101 - Lord Teach Us To Pray” Series


Matthew 6:11

"Most American Christians don’t need God."

Gertrude, a missionary on an island in Haiti, startled me with this answer to my question about how American Christians differed from Haitian Christians.

"American Christians have everything they need," Gertrude continued. "If they don’t pray or read the Bible for weeks, it makes little difference in their daily lives. They still have food to eat, a place to sleep, regular income. They don’t need to practice their faith every day."

For many Christians in the United States, that’s true, I thought. Gertrude lives among impoverished people. That seems to give her a deeper understanding of how God provides. She impressed me with her firm trust in God to supply what she and the islanders need for daily living. Maybe there were some lessons here that those of us in a more comfortable culture needed to learn.

My discussion with Gertrude, as well as other experiences, made me take a new look at a familiar phrase in the Lord’s Prayer: "Give us today our daily bread." In our society, even a young child’s allowance can buy a loaf of bread. What does this request mean for those of us who don’t worry much about putting food on the table? What truths are we missing as we slide over these words?

Give Us Today Our Daily Bread: Why do believers in a land of plenty need to ask for daily bread?

by Stephen W. Sorenson Discipleship Journal Issue #62 March/April 1991

This morning we are going to begin to look at the middle section of the Lord’s Prayer. It is the part of Jesus’ model prayer where He teaches us:

How we are to petition His Father with our needs!

This middle section of the model prayer is like a valley between two mountains. Each part of the prayer, however, focuses our attention on our Great and Awesome God!

Jesus taught His disciples, and teaches us, that we need to praise God when we come to Him in prayer! The first verses we looked at talk about:

God’s Name

God’s Kingdom

God’s Will

Because God is sovereign over His entire creation, His Eternal Decree and purpose will be accomplished!

What is the Eternal Decree of God? Let me quote the answer to Question Seven of the Westminster Shorter Catechism:

“...His eternal purpose, according to the counsel of His will, whereby, for His own Glory, He foreordained whatsoever comes to pass.”

This answer is based on what the Word of God teaches in Ephesians 1:11

Eph. 1:11-12 NIV In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, in order that we, who were the first to hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory.

The first section of the prayer not only teaches us the importance of praise but it also teaches us the importance of GOD’S WILL and GOD’S KINGDOM!

We learned a few weeks ago that:

Prayer helps us align our will, our goals and our purpose with God’s will, God’s goals, and God’s purpose! What really matters in life is that His will be done and that His kingdom comes!

Matthew 6:33-34 NIV But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

He is LORD and we are His subjects!

He is the Creator Who is Holy, Righteous and Just and we are the creature!

The middle section of Jesus’ model prayer reveals key areas that the LORD Jesus Christ meets human needs!

He Gives Us

He Forgives Us

He Protects Us

Then the prayer returns to praise for - God’s Kingdom, God’s Power and God’s Glory!

What a magnificent and awesome heavenly Father and Creator we have! Each of the key areas that He instructs us to petition Him for, are related to the vital areas of life!

Our Daily Bread

(Present Need) Physical Needs


Forgive Us Our Debts

(Past Need) Mental Needs


Deliver Us From Evil

(Future Need) Spiritual Needs


“Give us today our daily bread.”

Matt. 6:11 NIV


How many of you know what you are going to have for dinner this afternoon?

How many of you have a well stocked supply of food?

The truth is we aren’t thinking most of the time about our need for daily bread. Most of us decide what we are going to eat today from an extensive list of choices.

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