Summary: Hypothetically, if you were in a supermarket and someone asked you, “what does it mean to be great and would that be something you desire of yourself?”

Would you stop to think what it means to be great and why this person would be asking, “me of all people?”

Would we have to defer until we got home to check the internet or perhaps dust off our old copy of Webster’s…or would we have an immediate answer? Would our answer be any different if we knew that he who asked the question was an angel of God?

To be honest, GREATNESS is often beyond our human comprehension. Many believe it is their history or their education that can make them great. David the shepherd boy became great. Was it his heroic defeat of Goliath that made him great? Or was it in his endeavors to unite the tribes of Israel that made him great?

Is greatness determined by one’s trophies or their crowns?

I knew a man who had one or more rooms of taxidermy animal heads and sometimes full bodies posed in what was to be their natural state or as near his taxidermist could establish.

Did the number of dead bodies adorning the walls of his house make him or illustrate to others that he was a great hunter of sorts? Should his accomplishments bring esteem to him and his family?

To me, it was actually a little spooky and to be honest, I sympathized with the animals even though I always considered myself as an accomplished hunter; but not for show but instead to provide sustenance to my family.

Psalm 71:16-24

Mark 10:42-45

Our LORD makes us great but only after we have died to ourselves and become humble servants of our LORD and Savior.


#1: What is Greatness? #2: What is Greatness Not? #3: Why does Greatness Matter?

#4: How does one become Great? #5: How will we know that we have arrived?


What is Greatness?

Greatness, as defined by the world, means he who has accomplished the most concerning the “Things” of the world. defines greatness as such:

“Unusual or considerable in degree, power, or intensity.”

“Wonderful; first-rate; very good.”

“Notable; remarkable; exceptionally good.”

Lebron James has over 70 million followers on the internet alone. To the world, he is perhaps the greatest basketball player of all times…or at least of this time.

But one is not great because of the number of things amassed but instead by the things he has given away.

Greatness is in the Eyes of the Beholder and that is not we…not you or me.

David, who would become King of Israel had humble beginnings as a shepherd boy. As you may recall, he was chosen by Samuel, the prophet of Israel, to accompany him back to see king Saul.

It was then that God began to mold David into greatness. He had only to slay a giant over ten feet tall. And as it turns out…he did it with a few polished stones and a sling fashioned out of leather.

In Mark 10:43, Jesus tells us that in order to be Great we must first serve. He assures us that He did not come to this planet to be served but instead to serve…to give His life a ransom for many!”

Luke 7:28


What is Greatness Not?

Are we great when those around us speak of our Greatness? Greatness is not something that comes naturally or is self-attainable.

Greatness is not epitomized by the likes of Mohammed Ali. We cannot rightfully claim it… for it is not ours to do so.

Greatness is NOT getting to the top of the hill while throwing others under to proverbial bus.

Greatness is NOT seeking recognition except through our LORD.

Greatness is NOT having the most possessions or having the most fans.

Greatness is NOT something we can create or devise.

Who was greater…little David or his ten-foot enemy Goliath?

Greatness is NOT seeking out our own Goliath and slaying him.


Why does Greatness Matter?

If we are NOT to seek greatness than why does it matter?

The Bible says that King Saul was made angry because the crowds had praised David for killing thousands…what Saul sought.

Greatness is NOT notoriety. Saul thought it was. He got mad when someone else was proclaimed great! That is what he wanted…to be praised by God Himself.


How does one become Great?

Let’s revisit our scriptures, beginning in verses 19 through 21. David indeed recognized, and from an early age it seems, that his greatness would be increased by God’s greatness. David recognized God for the great things He had done.

David raised up God above all things, big and small and asked for a revival of sorts. In this particular moment, David was rejoicing, singing and willing to play on his lute, singing praises to his Father in Heaven…and we don’t do enough of that.

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