Summary: A letter to Servants of GOD

So, your church was closed and I see that the activities of your church are not only being regulated but closely monitored.  Don't tell me you're surprised!  You didn't see this coming?  Come on! Anyway, be encouraged, the church will be re-opened but since you did not serve The MOST HIGH willingly and diligently, you will now serve the rulers and governments of this world.  How about a small background check?

First, let's cut to the chase and ask, who called you?  If it is The CREATOR and OWNER of the universe, then you should not be surprised at all, because HE does nothing without telling HIS servants.  So, maybe HE has been telling you, warning you of what is to come and you did not hear or pay attention, or HE did not tell you because you are not HIS servant.  You have to sort this issue out first, this issue of your calling and allegiance, otherwise you suffer the risk of being told 'I don't know you, depart from My Presence'. Believe me on that day you will depart faster than you can say 'JESUS is LORD'. Yes, dear Pastor, sort out the issue of your calling. Who called you?  Did you call yourself? Did your family anoint you to represent the family in the religious environment?  The Bible is very clear that in the last days there shall be many false prophets and many deceivers.  Are you one of them?

Secondly, what have you been preaching?  Whose message are you preaching? OK, so let us assume that you are preaching on behalf of YESHUA and you are following the dictates of Matthew 28:19-20?  What is the cost of your ministry?  Do you daily carry your cross and followed The MESSIAH?  Are you into witchcraft and pulpit shenanigans designed  by the devil, you and your evil cohorts to blind and swallow the flock whole without chewing?

Thirdly, to whom belong the members of your church/outfit?  Do they belong to your denomination, church register or to you?  Have they ever heard of YESHUA, the SAVIOR or are they just hang up on coming to your ritualistic service daily where you fill them with your drunkenness, lies and imaginations?  When they are sick, who do you send them to? The HEALER or to others?  When they are in lack, do you refer them to The PROVIDER or do you hook them up with abominations so that they are always beholden to you?  Who do your flock rely on, you, themselves or The CREATOR?  What do your flock do?   What are their pastimes?  Jobs ?  Hobbies?  Are they holy?  Do they keep the commandments of The MOST HIGH?  Wait, do they know the commandments or are the commandments just an old testament thing, of no relevance today?  Or are they follow your cleverly crafted regulations and rules ?  Or, do they just do whatever they feel like?  Read Ezekiel 34, The MOST HIGH promises that HE will deliver and tend to HIS flock HIMSELF.  So, what will HE do to you for deceiving, devouring and massacring HIS flock?  I am sure you have a pretty good idea.

Fourthly, what are your plans from now on dear Pastor?  Will it be business as usual?  You will maximize on the current situations and increase your digital flock numbers?  The trading on the pulpits of The MOST HIGH will continue with paypal, Mpesa and other digital formats of exchange?  Yes, after all, those who matter can afford electricity and internet connection, let the poor wallow in their fate after all they are not hardworking neither are they good at seizing opportunities.  Forget about them, as soon as the borders are open, you will travel to occultic places, powers and people to seek power for greater control over men and circumstances? Oh, I forgot, at your level, you don't need a passport, you will just astral project into the kingdoms of darkness and trade with the souls of your flock and bounce back with an even bigger ministry!

Fifthly, Pastor, have you already received your reward in this world?  Is there any reward for you in the world to come?  Are you money hungry?  fame hungry?  power hungry?  political position hungry?  Have you threatened and/or destroyed other pastors who 'invaded' your territory?  Have you demanded their 'allegiance'?  Have you been eating the flock?  Killing and destroying the weak sheep?  Devouring the houses of widows and orphans?  Have you been ignoring the suffering, poor and stinky?  When politicians and the wealthy have visited your ministry/church, did you break the rules to accommodate them?  Do you sanitize the wicked because they can support our ministry? Dear Pastor, you will not mock The MOST HIGH, you will reap exactly what you sow.

In case you are not aware, dear Pastor, the world is showing signs and symptoms of the coming of the MESSIAH.  But you say that the persons propagating this end time messages are naysayers and prophets of doom.  Look at it this way, dear Pastor, this world will end one way or the other for you and for all. Indeed, it is appointed unto man to die and after that the judgment. Yes, YESHUA The MESSIAH came physically and men did with HIM as they pleased, HE will come again as HE said for HIS bride, some of whom will have experienced physical death while others will still be physically alive.  The point is that HE will come and one day you will leave your physical body whether you like it or not and be ushered into the spiritual realm where you will have to answer for your actions while in your physical body, so prepare adequately!

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