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Summary: A lesson that can be learned even in death!

Isaiah 41:10



Job 19:25-27

Things that Job cared about were now gone his childern,livestock,land, servants, crops and his health and yet he is able to make this statement.

He was certain about three things:

1-That there is a God!

2-And that he would stand before Him!

3-And he was ready for that day!

For a christian we can be certain of some things too.

Death is just a transition. Although the body ceases to function, the spirit lives on.

Death, according to the Bible, is a change of status.

That which perishes is exchanged for that which is imperishable

Death ushers us into the presence of the living God.

Death brings us into eternity.

All of us must face death sometime. Hebrews 9:27 says, “. . . man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.”

In light of this, we should all take great care to live in such a way that when it comes our time to die, we are ready to face God.

You see, death is not death if you know the Lord. It is merely a change of place,and a transferal from one realm of existence into another.

Death is not death, if it kills no part of us, except that which hindered us from becoming perfect.

Death is not death, if it raises us in a moment from darkness into light, from weakness into strength, from sinfulness into holiness.

Death is not death, if it perfects our faith by sight, and let’s us behold Him in whom we have believed.

Death is not death, if it rids us of doubt and fear, of sickness and disease, of sorrow and sadness.

Death is not death, if it gives us to those whom we have loved and lost.

Death is not death; for Christ has conquered death, for Himself, and for those who have trusted Him as their Redeemer!

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Bill Blackmon

commented on Apr 26, 2019

hello, my name is Bill Blackmon and I could use some help & guidance. I am an evangelist/missionary with TruckStop Mininstries. My Pastor of 25 years just passed away last week,suddenly. We all loved our Pastor and are still in a state of shock and almost denial. My church family,which is about 600 members,has ask me to fill in for a few months while we try and organize a pulpit committee etc. I need to be able to encourage our church to keep doing the work of the church,console them in our loss,yet move them forward at the same time. I was very close to my Pastor so I myself and struggling and seem to have a hard time focusing on the WORD and the right scripture for our church. I have never reached out like this before, I guess because I always had my Pastor. Any thoughts on this would greatly appreciated. Your fellow servant in Christ, Bill

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