Summary: pt. 2 of Evolution Study--scholarly investigation on practical level. Must get Powerpoint from website to go with.

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Gen. 1:26-27

I heard about a little boy who asked his Sunday School teacher, “Where did I come from?” The teacher said “Dust.” Then he asked, “Well, where am I going?” And he got the same answer, “Dust.”

The next day that same little boy was up in his bedroom, and he came running out screaming. He said, “Momma, Momma come quickly, I just looked under my bed and somebody is under there and he is either coming or going!”

We need to know what we believe and why we believe it.

Take all the questions people in the world have, and they all boil down to one question… “Did God create man, or did man create God?”

In other words, “Is man created in the image of God, or is God created in the imagination of man?”

I Tim. 6:20

“science falsely so called”

Evolution: It’s really not science at all, it’s a philosophy.

A creationist believes it just the way the Bible says it…God created all that is in 6 days.

That’s what the Bible says, now what does Darwinian Evolution say?

The Origin of Species, p. 523

“analogy would lead me to believe that all animals and plants are descended from some prototype. All organisms start from a common origin, from such low and intermediate forms, both animals and plants may have been developed. All organic things that have ever lived on the earth, may be descended from one primoidial form.”

He goes on at length to describe that billions of years ago there was a primitive protozoa, we don’t know where it came from. It became an unsegmented worm, which somehow eventually became a fish, and after eons of time go by, it somehow became an amphibian, which became a reptile, then a bird, then a mammal, which has evolved to monkeys, and eventually, man.

It is a fairy tale for adults.

The evolutionist believes that nothing + time + chance = everything!

“Frog becomes a prince” (headline) In the nursery, that’s a fairy tale, but in the classroom they call it science.

It’s not taught as a theory or a philosophy, it’s taught as a fact!

Time-Life books series, “The Emergence of Man”

Advertisement for the series: “today that creature that once began to raise himself above other animals no longer exists. He has become you. Unique and set apart from the 2 million other species living on the planet, by a thumb, which makes your hand a precision tool. By a knee, which locks you into a comfortable, upright position. By your capacity for abstract thought and speech. All this and more has enabled your species to dominate the earth. And yet, you share w/ every other creature that ever lived the same origin, the same accident, that led to spontaneous generation of the first celled slimy algae that first appeared 3.5 billion years ago.”

Notice that w/ no stuttering, stammering, and no question about it, they say, this is how it happened, kids.

Kids, you are just an animal with thumbs, you are just an accident. No wonder they act the way they do today. The value of life is gone.

In 1963 the Bible was thrown out of public schools, and evolutionism was left to stand alone.

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