Summary: Part 12 of this series examines the rebellion at the Tower of Babel with a direct link to the same rebellion that we see in the faith today. Our desire must be to gather to worship the Lord, in everything that we do.

Discovering Genesis, Part 12

Genesis 11:1-9


- Last week we concluded the life of Noah and how he found favor with God

- His life was one of total submission; and he lived FOR God, not himself

- What we saw is that Noah lived and left behind him a legacy for his sons

- IMP APP: Who are you leaving a legacy too? Who is watching you?

- Who are you spending time with to disciple and change their lives?

-- 2 Tim 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

- Up until we see that Noah made a mistake; he was portrayed as the hero

- But, there is an importance to seeing that Noah was a regular man; with issues

- Noah found favor with the Lord b/c he submitted to God; he turned fully

- He was a man who struggled, had issues, and still was used by God

- APP: Many of can have this said about it today; God still uses people

- David was a murderer; Paul was a persecutor; Moses was also a murderer

- Matthew was a thief/cheat; Joshua was afraid; Jonah was disobedient;

- Noah got drunk … but notice here, Noah got drunk AFTER God used him

- Why? Because he was sin ridden; just like you and I are at this very minute

- APP: Very important to understand and grasp the importance of God’s grace

- This morning, we are going to take a look at global rebellion to God’s desire

- I would encourage you this morning to pay special attention to the Word

- We must, must see ourselves in this scripture and understand who we are

- It is in our understanding of how we are that we have opportunity to serve

- Read Genesis 11:1-9

- Pray

Point 1 – A People of Pride (1-4)

- The first thing we see here following the flood and the repopulation is UNITY

- If ever there was an opportunity for unity to be needed it is here (and here today)

- We see here there is common language; common focus; and common peace

- This people settled in a land called Shinar; in the area of Mesopotamia

-- It is a country on the lower courses of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers

- So far, this seems extremely picturesque and just about perfect

-- Of course, it’s not the Garden of Eden; but its civilized, liveable, and at peace

- I want you to see, this civilized community gets 2 verses of scripture

- In 2 verses until they absolutely trample living for God and rebel totally

- (v3) Can you just imagine the “wise men” of the time sitting around

- These were a people just loaded with themselves; and destined to rebel; why?

- B/C they took it upon themselves to decide what the next step should be

- Making brick is not the problem; brick is still used today of course

- APP: The problem comes in (v4) where their intentions/motives are revealed

- Notice the key words in v4 and v5 … they really lay it on thick:

-- “Come, let us”; “Ourselves”; “We”; “Ourselves”; “We”

- There is so much pride here that the rebellion is practically stench to Heaven

- The attitude here is NOT that they would want to build to worship God

- APP: They’ve decided that they should build a tower to make a name

- But, not only make a name, but to approach God as if He was approachable

- They have forgotten the sin of Adam and Eve; the Flood; and themselves

- It is as if they’ve assumed that they are so marvelous; they can hold counsel

- You see, it is an attitude that permeates all facets of life in human beings

- Mankind decided that we should be able to build a tower to visit God

- This attitude; this delivery of false righteousness must have stunk to God

-- APP: It is something to learn a lesson from; and to repent from

- Let me try to give you a comparison to this same type of attitude we see now

-- Wednesday night bible study brings out 4 faithful people

-- Thursday night dinner out for men and women brings 18 people

- I know that is not a comfortable truth to deal with; but the implication is clear

- Our importance to studying God’s Word and worshiping Him hasn’t changed

- How can I say that it hasn’t change? Look at their presumption of importance:

-- Build a tower so it reaches the heavens; (APP) to make a name for ourselves

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