Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Stewardship over our finances is very importanct to God and to those that are looking to Christian for guidance and hope.

“Divine Disciplines for Financial Health” - Pt 1 of 2

Date: Oct. 22, 2006

PPHC – A.M. Service

Why do we need lessons on finances in the church today? Christ taught more on financial management than on any other subject. Sixteen (16) of His thirty-eight (38) parables deal with money management (John MacArthur). He taught five times more on financial matters than He did on prayer (approximately 500 verses on prayer and 2,000 on money/possessions).


A popular story recounts a meeting that took place at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago in 1923. Attending this meeting were nine of the richest men in the world at that time:

(1) Charles Schwab, President of the world’s largest independent steel company;

(2) Samuel Insull, President of the world’s largest utility company;

(3) Howard Hopson, President of the largest gas firm;

(4) Arthur Cutten, the greatest wheat speculator;

(5) Richard Whitney, President of the New York Stock Exchange;

(6) Albert Fall, member of the President’s Cabinet;

(7) Leon Frazier, President of the Bank of International Settlements;

(8) Jessie Livermore, the greatest speculator in the Stock Market; and

(9) Ivar Kreuger, head of the company with the most widely distributed securities in the world.

Twenty-five years later:

(1) Charles Schwab had died in bankruptcy, having lived on borrowed money for five years before his death.

(2) Samuel Insull had died virtually penniless after spending some time as a fugitive from justice.

(3) Howard Hopson was insane.

(4) Arthur Cutten died overseas, broke.

(5) Richard Whitney had spent time in Sing-Sing.

(6) Albert Fall was released from prison so he could die at home.

(7) Leon Fraizer, (8) Jessie Livermore, and (9) Ivar Kreuger each died by suicide.

"Business and Accounting Ethics" by Dr. Katherine T. Smith and Dr. L. Murphy Smith

Some Facts:

· A study by the American Academy of Actuaries found that ½ of baby boomers (1946 – 1964) will not have sufficient retirement @ age 65. Financial Security for the Future Kerby Anderson

· In 1988, 4.4% of American families saved as compared to the Japanese @ 12.6% and the W. Germans @ 15.2%. "Dollars & Sense" - John L. Terry, III.

· “It is predicted that at the rate it’s now going, the United States economy will last approximately 3 – 5 years before total collapse.” "Dollars & Sense" - John L. Terry, III.

· For every $1.00 that is given to the U.S. Congress, they spend $1.65.

The only way we can keep our heads above water is by our dependence upon God & the principles He has set in place for our benefit.

The U.S. Social Security Administration says that 85% of Americans retire in poverty with very few assets. These retirees will subsist on help from relatives, charities, and the S.S.A. Far too many people do not realize their financial predicament until they retire and find themselves living at or below the poverty line. This should not be true for the child of God who reads and believes God’s Word. Proverbs 13:16 advises us that, “A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t, and even brags about it.” (TLB)

History is replete with reminders that money will not bring true happiness. Solomon was one of the wealthiest men to ever inhabit this planet. He had an annual income of more than $25 million. Construction of his palace required 13 years. The throne he occupied was made of ivory and was overlaid with gold. He owned 40,000 stalls of horses, and he drank from gold cups. The menu for his household included 100 sheep in addition to fallow deer and fatted fowl. In spite of all the trappings of wealth, Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 5:10-11 TLB: “He who loves money shall never have enough. The foolishness of thinking that wealth brings happiness. The more you have, the more you spend right up to the limits of your income.”

Is this a picture of us?

Money problems are often spiritual problems. We have had much teaching on the 10% (the tithe), but very little teaching or preaching on the stewardship of the 90% that’s left over. Something is wrong with this picture! You may know someone today who is in financial trouble but is a faithful tither. Their difficulties probably arise from improper stewardship of the remaining 90% and a failure to recognize the true Owner. Prov. 25:2 states, “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” If we aren’t diligent in seeking out God’s Word, there will be many promises overlooked and many privileges that we will miss.

• A lesson we must learn - We will either control our money or it will control us!*


What is Prosperity?

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