Summary: The BAttle between LAw and Grace and how we as believers dont have to stay in Bondage to Sin!!

“Divine Emancipation”

Galatians 5:1

The English Language is full of Words that have been Put in Certain Categories called Parts of Speech. We have Certain Words in our Language that are known as Nouns, Certain Words that are classified as Adjectives, certain words that have been Pronounced as Pronouns, and then we have Words that are called Synonyms.---Synonyms are simply Different words that mean the same thing.—for Instance the Words Muscular and Bulky are different Words, but mean the same thing.—The Words Pretty and Attractive are two Different words, but they mean the same thing. When we take a closer look at our Lesson today—The Word “Emancipation” is really another Word for Freedom.

—In other Words when you are Emancipated from Something or Someone you are “Freed from the Restraint, Control, or Power of another.”—“Emancipation” means you are Free from Certain Influences and Bondages.— I believe that most of us are more familiar with this word “Emancipation” because History teaches us about the “Emancipation Proclamation.”

The “Emancipation Proclamation” was a Declaration by then U.S. President Abraham Lincoln announcing that all slaves in The Confederate States would be Set free. While it only freed a Small Number of Slaves, It did set the stage for Slaveries ultimate demise here in the U.S.-----Now we need to understand that the Signing of the “Emancipation Proclamation” was really what I call a “Divine Emancipation”.— Now just to be clear and concise with you—A “Divine Emancipation” is “When God intervenes” and Frees you from your Bondage, Slavery and your Issues!!—

---If you have been born again and delivered from a World of Sin—you’ve had a Divine Emancipation!!---If you don’t go where you used to Go or say things that you used to say—You’ve had a Divine Emancipation.

IF you ever been Sick and God has healed you—You’ve had a Divine Emancipation.----If you’ve ever been in bondage to your flesh, or your mind but God Set you free—you’ve had a Divine Emancipation!!---The Bible itself and in its Entirety is full Episodes of Divine Emancipations!!—

---When the Disciples were In a storm and God wiped the Sleep out of his eyes and walked out on Deck and said “Peace be still”—That was a Divine Emancipation---When a Man that was living in a Graveyard and was running around town Naked and crying and cutting himself with Stones, but Jesus delivered him---That was a Divine Emancipation!!-----When The 3 Hebrew Boys were delivered from the Fiery Furnace—That was a Divine Emancipation---When Peter was bailed out of Prison by angels that was a Divine Emancipation!!

-- Now in the case of “The Emancipation Proclamation”—God used Abraham Lincoln as a Vessel and as President to sign it—But it was God that Stamped it a done deal!!—It was God that Finalized it!!-Simply Because around this time, just as it is today—God in the Person of Jesus Christ had already taken a Cloud back to Glory!!----And since he has been Gone—He now uses US as his Vessels to do his Work!!----If you Remember when he wanted the Egyptians to be freed from Bondage and slavery, Instead of simply doing it himself—He used Moses!

When he wanted to destroy the Earth the first time—In order to Save some of Humankind—He used Noah and the Ark.—When he wanted someone to go spy out the land of Canaan he sent Joshua and Caleb.

When he wanted someone to go in the valley and Preach the Gospel to Dry Bones—he used Ezekiel.—When he wanted someone to be a Forerunner for Jesus he used John the Baptist.

When he wanted someone to Spread the Gospel wherever he went—He used Paul!!-------And the question that really needs to be raised at this point is “Are we allowing God to use US as his Vessel??”—Are we as The Church and the People of God allowing ourselves to be used by him!!

When we look inside the Confines and the Context of our text:---This Letter was Written by that famous Gospel Globetrotter himself--The Apostle Paul.---- Now, You know Paul don’t you? --It was Paul who wrote over half of the New Testament----It was Paul who knew Several Different Languages—It was Paul that said “To live is Christ but to Die is Gain”-It was Paul that said “If any man be in Christ, he Is a New Creature, Old things are Passed Away and all things are become New”—

-Paul was a Man who could preach like an Archangel—Paul was a Man that was Bold as a Lion but at the same time Tender as a Hospital Nurse.---Now whenever you saw Paul’s name on a letter it was really worth millions!!---Not millions in the Financial sense, but rather Millions in the Spritual sense.—

The Name Paul on a letter was like Mozart’s Name on Music

Mercedes Name on a Car

Versace Name on Clothes

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