Summary: Admiring the box more so than the gift is cute if you are two. At some point, it will be a dishonor to the gift giver because you do not truly value the gift.

The sad thing is that pagan astrologers went to great lengths to find the Messiah while among His own people neither king nor priest would travel six miles to see Him.

The priest knew the place by his theological study, but could not be bothered to investigate the fulfillment of prophecy.

The king only cared about himself worried about his position and plotted to kill the competition.

Indeed, God spoke to the pagans to go back another way and they listened. He did not speak to either king or priest because they would not listen even if they heard. After all, they had the Word of God in the Law and the Prophets and they did not hear Him.

The pagans studied and acted on their studies that had been influenced by God working in their land through Daniel and others.

The Jews who God had done so much for century after century did not act on their beliefs though they cherished the Word they did not fully understand.

How often are we more like that priest and king rather than like the ones who cared and listened though they were not of the lineage that was given the prophecy and promise.

May God revive His people both Jew and Gentile to hear His voice and act on it. Then peace will come to Jerusalem and all the nations called by God's name but have turned their ear from Him.

Do not be as the child that plays with the box and wrappings instead of the gift because they have no sense of the value of the gift thus being attracted to the pretty ribbons and bows. Be full grown and put on the gift of His robe of righteousness. Accept the ring of authority He gave you and exercise the role of Ambassador that He has called you to whether you are sent as an Ambassador to foreign lands or to your family, co-workers and community. That shows you value the gift the resurrection brought to you and the world. Scars, not ribbons, adorn God's gift.

All of our holy day celebrations of the gift being wrapped have no meaning if we do not embrace the resurrection as the unwrapping and then use that gift empowered by the Spirit to bring others to Him. Celebrate Incarnation Day every day giving Him gifts of the heart and not just the wallet. Those gifts last for eternity where neither rust, moths, thieves, inflation or credit card debt can devalue or erase them. Maranatha!!

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