Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Maundy Thursday Sermon on Christ’s Passion

Date: March 20, 2008

Text: Mark 15

Objective: Christians can begin to understand the reality of the crucifixion by knowing what Christ’s sacrifice has bought us.

What Christ’s Sacrifice Bought Us

1. It Bought us freedom from shame

a. Do we understand the shame?

2. It bought us rest

a. Do we understand the pain?

3. It bought us full communion

a. Do we understand the isolation?

I. Read text – Mark 15

II. Introduction

a. Eugene Sledge Illustration

i. WWII Documentary The War

1. People didn’t understand what the men overseas had endured

2. In one sense, there was no way that they could; in another sense, however they may not have wanted to – they were comfortable and secure with their families and possessions, and it was easier to just not think about it

b. We are similar to the people Mr. Sledge encountered

i. We have an understanding of what happened on the cross; we can probably tell you all about it, but do we really know what was going on there? Do we really understand what took place on that day in Jerusalem? Can we?

ii. I don’t think we can ever fully understand it…but by looking at what His death afforded us, and conversely what He endured to secure those things, we can better come to grips with its full scope.

1. What Christ’s Sacrifice Bought Us

a. Honor

i. Do we understand the Shame?

b. Rest

i. Do we understand the suffering?

c. Communion

i. Do we understand the isolation?

III. Christ’s Shame Bought Us Honor

a. The Honor He Forfeited

i. King of Glory – impossible for Him to have more renown and more of a place of honor

ii. Light of the World – the very One who pierced the primeval darkness before the creation of the world

1. All things created through Him and to Him

b. The Shame He Endured

i. Leading up to text

1. Betrayed by a close follower of His, denied by another

ii. Stood before Pilate and Sanhedrin

1. Stood against false accusations and jealous priests

2. Jesus had sway over the people, and Passover was an opportune time to make this public display

a. They knew Pilate, normally in Caesarea, would be there

b. Heightened sense of patriotism during Passover – a time when they celebrate deliverance

iii. Barabbas

1. His people chose Barabbas over Him

2. No different than what we do on a daily basis

3. The very ones who sent “Hosanas” into the air days ago are now chanting “Crucify him!”

iv. Soldiers Mocked

v. Crucified – likely nude


2. Between 2 theives

c. The Depth of the Shame

i. Who was doing this?

1. His people – the Jews

2. His creations – “fit together in mothers womb”

ii. Came from a place of unimaginable honor and glory, and now subject to the punishment of a common criminal

iii. He didn’t have to do this

1. Matthew 26:53 – call 12 legions of angels

2. He Himself is God – spoke the world into existence with His word

a. Took the shame

d. Because of His Shame, we have honor

i. To be sure, it is completely undeserved – it doesn’t take us long each day to do something completely dishonorable and despicable before the Lord

ii. We have honor because Christ is honored – because He endured the shame, we no longer have condemnation

1. Romans 8:1

iii. Our place in eternity is because of what Christ did

iv. We so easily throw a word around like “Christian” without giving the slightest thought of what it cost so that we could wear that name

1. Just as we throw the name “American” around

2. We take His name in vain with our lifestyles, and He still loves us

3. Do we really understand the shame? We can start to understand by looking at the honor He has given us.

IV. Christ’s Pain bought us Rest

a. The Rest He Forfeited

i. He had all the rights, honors, and privileges of deity, but gave them up to give us Rest

ii. Didn’t know pain, hunger, cold, loneliness – came to earth, where those are real things – to give us rest

iii. Came as a baby – completely needy

b. His Suffering

i. Passion Illustration

1. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw

2. Whatever you think about the movie, “The Passion”, if you’ve seen it, you’ll agree that it gives an intensely graphic image of what this process must have been like.

ii. Flogging

1. Flagellum – whip with metal tips

a. Designed to tear the flesh from the bone

b. Most prisoners didn’t survive this stage – large amounts of blood and exposure

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