Summary: How bad do you want to win the race. WE will look at what ittakes to win the race

Do You Want to Win the Race?

I Peter 1: 13-16


Opening: The Guy who started the race and then caught a bus and tried to rejoin the race only later to be disqualified.


A. Peter Wrote the Book

B. Just God done praising the dispersed Christians

C. A definition of Holiness – Being separated from this world and be fully concentrated on God.

Purpose: Living a Holy Life is Possible, are you willing to take the challenge?

I. Ready (Yourselves) 13

A. Explanation

1. Minds are important – we need to use them

2. Self Control is essential

3. Set your hope fully – means confidently expecting

4. God will be giving the grace

B. Illustration – E. D. Whiteside

C. Application

1. I Peter 4:7

2. You cant just get up and run a marathon

3. Training is required

II. Set(Your ways) 14

A. Explanation

1. Obedient Children- What all parents hope for buy unfortunately we fail

2. Peter tells us we are no longer ignorant, we know right and wrong

3. Do No Conform – Do no do what every one else does

B. Illustration – My Hair

C. Application

1. We cant use the excuse “we did not know”

2. The world should see a difference from us

3. We as the Church should not blend in

III. Go(Do Your Job) 15-16

A. Explanation

1. God is Holy – Period!

2. God called us to be Holy

3. God called us to be Holy in ALL we do

B. Illustration – Bob, unsaved, and Charlie, Christian. Charlie will not listen to secular music, However, is not selective on the TV shows he watches.

C. Application

1. Some things are going to come easily for us

a. We know that Clinton’s affair was wrong

b. Madonna’s book was wrong

c. Certain types of music are wrong

2. Well we know that these things are wrong:

a. We read the Starr’s report for the pure pleasure

b. We say we just want to know what is going on in the Madonna book- what an excuse to look at the book

c. We say we need to inform our selves about the music that is out there – and then we get sucked into it

3. We need to be Holy in ALL we do


Purpose: Are you willing to give up the world to gain Holiness?

Closing Illustration: Scott Dickey’s Life

Impact: My Plea is that you do no end up like Scott. Give Everything to God. Whole Holiness, there is no partial Holiness

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