Summary: We hear God is love; and God loves you. We hear that God so loved the world and all those colloquial sayings about God loving us. However, there are many people, even Christians that don't really understand, know or experience God's true love in their life.

Hello everyone. I am glad you’re here watching this narrative multimedia Bible study. Before my husband gets started, because you know he likes to get all theological with his exegesis of every scripture. I just wanted to give a summation of what my husband is going to be long winded talking about, and that is simply, being a Christian is not some promissory note of blessings, or about do’s and don’ts, or receiving some type of promotion or qualifying for some kind of reward before God; but it’s really a love story. It is about how to go about life with a relationship with God. That’s why Jesus calls us His Bride. It is a union of love between us, Him and the Father.

God is our Father, a parent, and much like us as parents with our children we love them unconditionally. Though, our kids don’t always do right, but as parents we still love them and will go out of our way to support, assist, protect and do for them. We’ll God is a Parent, and as a parent, He loves us, and much like us, He desires for us to love Him back.

Now, for those of you who may be thinking, “if Christianity is not about rules, do’s and don’ts, then why did Jesus give us commandments?” And, that is a good question. Though, we may say Christianity is not about do’s or don’ts, the fact remains, Jesus instructs His followers to do many things and not to do other things. So, it is obvious that Jesus instructs us how to go about life - and not a typical life either. Most people don’t bless those who curse them or if someone takes your coat, you give them your shirt too. If they slap you on one cheek, turn to them also the other cheek. Jesus is not saying that we are to let people do whatever they want to us. Rather, it is saying that we are not to get revenge. We are not appointed to punish the people who wrong us. We are to love them and let God do with them what He will. Understand!

Jesus’ commands of do’s and don’ts are meant to shape the heart and mind in a way, that it becomes a way of life that doing these things becomes natural, a way of living by faith. This kind of faith is not mental assessment of some universal religious practice. But, as my husband usually says, that’s another study. The point is, we fulfill the commandments with love. Because truth is, it is simply impossible to check off these and the other New Testament commands in the way one checks off items from a to-do list.

So, we have to come to understand, that the true story of the Gospel, it’s a love story. Of God loving us, and we loving Him back. Now, my husband is going to get theological about what I just said; and honestly, we really all do need to hear it and understand it. But, simply put, it is about love, God’s love for us and our love back unto Lord. So, without further ado, Let’s proceed!

Thank you wife. I’m going to try not to be too long winded. But, let me just say this, we share these narrative multimedia Bible studies, because we love the Lord and we love you, and if we can bring understanding of God’s Word to help just one person, it’s all worth the hours we put into these videos, and the cost to do them.

I do get theological with these bible studies, giving an exegesis of the scriptures, even providing a transliteration of the original text, so that, we can get further understanding of their meaning, so we can apply them to our lives.

But, have you ever considered how wonderful the Holy bible is? That the God who created all things cared enough about His creation to give us His revealed will in His written Word, so we could come to know Him?

The Scriptures records God’s thoughts, words, desires, and purpose of will to and for man. As I tell people, the Bible is but a collection of testimonies, of God’s interaction with man and man’s interaction with God, given by way of recorded testimonies of men and women of God, showing God’s interventions in human history. Amazing!

The Scriptures were compiled from the Holy Spirit inspired writings of more than three dozen people, recorded over thousands of years, with each book of the Bible reflecting its human author’s personality, background and vocabulary; yet, every word written was inspired by God Himself, as He spoke and lead each author (2 Pet 1:20-21). What’s more amazing, is that, though the Holy Bible was written and compiled over thousands of years, Scripture is a cohesive compilation: It’s message is consistent in truth, purpose and prophecy of God’s revealed will to man.

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