Summary: Don’t let the title fool you this DOG will hunt. Pun intended!

The Ark of God had been captured by the even though guarded by all the military might the nation of Israel could muster.

Notice the Ark had never been captured while under the care of those ordained of God had it in their charge.

But when the armies of Israel formed the bodyguard to the Ark of God, then the Ark was taken.

When civil power joins forces with the Spiritual, when the arm of flesh, tries to take precedence over the arm of God’s strength, then the glory is departed.

I have listed a couple of things that stood out about this story.

(1) When the Philistines defeated the Israelites.

(A) They boasted as though they had beaten God Himself.

(B) They placed the Ark of God by Dagon.

(a) As if to imprison God of Israel.

(b) They placed the mercy seat under the roof

of an idol.

(c) The Cherubin now spread their wings under a

false God.

(C) Notice also Dagon had a house, God had a tabernacle.

(D) I picture God sitting by just waiting to see what the Philistines will do.

(E) While the Philistines are rejoicing, the children of Israel must have wept bitter tears, but God sees their tears.

(a) (Luke 6:21) "Blessed are they that weep now

for they shall laugh"

(F) But in the middle of the night, God begins to work.

(Ill.) As I look out my window this morning Feb. 24 2003, I notice that nature is at a stand, but all the while preparation is going on under neath the snow covered ground for an outburst of life. Spring is coming! Praise God I may not see God’s hand at work but bless the Lord, I know God is not standing idly by.

(G)The Philistines thought the same house could hold both their man made God and the God who made man.

(2) I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up.

(A) Dagon didn’t lean over part way, nor did he bow partially, he was found face first before the feet of God.

(B) God directed His angels to go down into the very home of Dagon, knocking him down on his turf!

(a) God smashed first his face-- the sign of his beauty

(b) Next God destroyed his head--the seat of his wisdom

(c) Last of all God broke off his hands--the symbol of Dagon’s power.

(3) The next morning, The Philistines had to pick up their God.

(A) One day they are prone before Dagon, now Dagon is dependant upon them to pick him up.

(a) They set him back up on his stump.

(b) What do we place back on the stump?

(1)self, pride, ambitions!

(c) They never considered how will this god be able to help us when he can’t even raise himself.

(B) Notice: God literally destroyed Dagon.

(4) 2000 years ago

(A) Jesus came into the devils territory and dwelt as Immanuel- God with Us.

(B) When Jesus came up out of the tomb, He destroyed the powers of satan.

(C) Our God lifted Himself up from the dead!

(D) Like the philistines of old, those who serve the devil will one day declare Dog Gone Dagon’s Done Gone.

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