Summary: Jesus told disciples that they and we would do greater miracles than He did. How can we do this today?

Introductory Considerations

1. It was a difficult time for the disciples. After ministering with J for about 3 years, they knew that He would soon leave them.

2. Jesus had just finished washing their feet, they had just had their last supper together and Jesus stressed that he would soon be killed. He had also told them that Judas would betray Him and He predicted that Peter would deny Him three times.

3. They would miss Jesus so much, His love and patience with them, His teaching and headings.

4. Not to mention that soon they would be on their own - like a baby bird ready to jump off the branch for the first time, like a pilot about top fly solo for the first time.

5. They would need to minister without their Lord.


1. Jesus knew that they were troubled and so he tries to reassure them. He tells them what we all need to be told when we are worried about what lies ahead. "Trust in God. Trust also in me"

2. Perhaps people have said these very words to you when things got dark. "Just trust in God. We respond "that’s easy to say, but hard to do"

3. At times these words may even seem empty. This evening we see why these words are not empty. Why we can trust in God.

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13. When I read that verse, I get excited and confused. After all we know what Jesus did. How can we do greater things?

14. What are these greater things and how will we do them?

15. Jesus just talked about miracles so He means greater miracles. It seems that we would perform even greater miracles than He did.

16. Taken by some to mean that we today - as His church - should be performing the same and greater miracles than Christ - healings, raisings from dead, etc. They would say if not happening, we must not have enough faith. Remember Jesus said if you have faith.

17. Faith not in what we can do or in miracles but in Jesus. It does not mean not that if I believe you will be healed you will be, then faith is in my faith.

18. The miracles that Jesus performed on earth where physical miracles - the greater miracles are beyond the physical realm but in the spiritual realm.

19. To have a persons heart change from one that is hard and dominated by sin to one that repents and lives for Christ is greatest miracle that can take place. (John 5:20-21)

20. When Christ finished His ministry the number of believers was small - Acts 1:15 says the believers numbered 120. After he left - that number grew rapidly - 3K on day of Pentecost. The disciples will far exceed Him in this.

21. Also refers to fact that this ministry and results will not just be for Jews but for Gentiles as well.

22. Still may seem hard to believe. Means that we will be used to change hearts - a growing ministry of believers. Do we really believe that this will happen? It can and will.

23. Jesus tells us how.

24. The reason the disciples will do greater things or works is clearly given in verse 12. Because, Jesus says "I am going to the Father". The very fact that Jesus is leaving them enables them to do these things - and that holds true for us as well.

25. Jesus gives us two reasons - the one we may be more familiar with than the other.

26. First, His going away meant the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came into and dwelt within every believer.

27. That means that when the word is preached, when it is heard, when we serve the Lord, or witness to a unbeliever - we are not alone. It is not in our strength but in power of HS in us that is at work. To enable us to find words to say and to convict hearts of those who hear the word.

28. Second reason. Heb 7:25 Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.

29. Jesus went to Father to intercede for us. vs. 13 says that He will do whatever we ask in His name. Means that since He is in heaven with Father, He will answer our prayers - according to His will (in His name) and ones that bring glory to His Father.

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