Summary: It's God's fault? Really? There is no fuiture in sticking with that story,

Don't Blame Father God!

So often in my 63 years I have heard people complain about trauma and drama in their lives and blame God or wonder why He did not do something different in their lives or why He allowed various negative things to come into their lives. I admit I have had some of that in my life as well since I am a human and often as unwise as the rest of the race.

We live in a blame shifting, finger-pointing world where people never accept the responsibility for their actions or bad choices in life. We have become the victim. Once people thought “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” , which while not completely true was far more true than the current, “Woe is me! It's not my fault.” mentality that is permeating most Western cultures, but is especially pandemic in the US.

When I listen to all the various reasons given by people or various professionals for why crimes were committed or why their life is full of trauma, drama and failure I am amazed at all the stuff I did not do because my childhood was less than idyllic. Indeed, my circumstances were far more negative than positive and much of that I did not originate or have any control over, but still I did not respond in a positive way to all that so there were negatives that were my fault. Had I made more positive decisions regarding the negatives thrown at me I may have had a better childhood than I did.

Could I have overcome all of it by my actions? No, bullies are going to be bullies and people's assumptions are difficult to overcome, but I chose to sometimes play the game since I was most likely going to get the blame and the suffer the pain anyway. That was wrong. Though at the time, I did not think like this, it would have been better to suffer injustice for the things I did not do than to give the unjust perpetrators reason to believe they were justified in treating me as they did. My teachers and peers are responsible for the wrong done to me unjustly, but I was wrong for my reactions whether I acted those reactions out or held them in as bitterness and anger in my heart. That part was my fault and mine alone.

Many things have fairly easy solutions on the surface. Mad at the government? Vote and vote wisely. Mad at your employer? Get another job. Mad at the town? Move. In a bad relationship? Break it off. In debt? Spend less. You say, that all sounds simple. As I said, on the surface the answers are easy, but there are things that can make them more complex. How long we have been in the problem and the emotional ties with people or things can make it harder to make the positive decisions to correct the negative decisions we made.

Some decisions are impossible to reverse. If you have an incurable STD, it is not going to be turned around unless God does a miracle in your life. You cannot undo that condition. If you were in an accident because you were DUI or a passenger in the vehicle and you lost an arm or incurred some other injury on that level you cannot change it even if you determine to never again drive DWI or get into a car with a drunk driver. You cannot blame God or anyone else for the the STD or the injury, That was your choice and yours alone.

Matthew 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

God has been trying to keep us from making bad decisions since the Garden. He has give us a book that is an instruction manual on how to navigate through this life. Life was simple in the Garden. One command was all that needed to be followed to keep life perfect. After the Fall, life became more complicated because human nature was doing the same thing as the universe. It was falling apart or degenerating. That degeneration was from the break in fellowship with God and amplified by the enemy of our souls and his minions. We got the knowledge of good and evil and yet we consistently chose evil and even the good we chose was sometimes not for a good reason. We may choose good because it is beneficial to us at the time, but we don't always see good as beneficial. If we did, the world would be so different even in our fallen state that it would seem like Eden compared to the world and the ways of the world we live in.

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