Summary: There are two things we should remember about prayer. One -- we should retreat from the busy-ness of the world on occasion to have quiet time of prayer with God. Second -- AMEN doesn’t mean ’good-bye God’ but rather ’Action.’

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A few years ago I was in a conversation with some folks and we started talking about Sunday morning worship and each of us began sharing what was his or her favorite part.

One person said it was the Apostles’ Creed, because it was at that moment that he was able to stand up and declare his faith.

Another person said it was the prayer, because there were so many things on her heart that she wanted to pray for.

Another person said it was the prelude.

I looked at this person and was surprised. “You mean it is not the sermon?”

”Oh no, preacher. It’s definitely the prelude.”

When I asked what made the prelude so meaningful, he said it was because his whole week was so full, and so busy, and so intense. But when he came into the Sanctuary and the prelude began, it was the only time all week when he could just sit back, be quiet, and be with God.

Most of us are simply too busy to stop and do nothing for even a few moments each week.

Most of us feel like we need to be active every minute of the day.

We confuse busy-ness with being productive, successful, efficient, effective and meaningful.

So it comes as a surprise to read our New Testament lesson and to find Jesus, not being so busy with life. In fact, in the midst of a very busy time in his life, he sneaks off to a solitary place and prays.

Quiet time – doing nothing but talking to God.

Most of us are too busy to do anything like that!

Most of us feel like we need to be busy doing something. And for some reason, prayer just doesn’t feel “busy” or “active” enough.

We are a people and a society in which being busy makes us feel like we are worthwhile.

If we are not doing something, there is something within us that makes us feel like we are lazy, or that we are wasting our time.

A generation or two ago, the life of the family was going to be revolutionized by the automatic washing machine. Up until then, washing the family’s laundry literally took an entire day. People referred to one day of their weekly routine as wash day.

Then technology came through with the washing machine, and you could throw the clothing into a machine, and then leave it and go do something else. What a time saver.

So what happened? Did we get more time to relax? No, we filled our time with other duties.

The computer was the same way. It enables us to do more our work in a lot less time. But do we get off work early? No. We simply do more work.

There is something within us that compels us to fill up every moment of our time.

Even if we are not talking about work, our families are stretched to the limit with activities as we go from ballet classes to soccer to outings at the beach to concerts to this and to that.

It is as if we are afraid of what might happen if we would just be still for a moment.

In our New Testament lesson, Jesus is very busy. In fact, Mark’s Gospel is the most 21st Century-compatible Gospel there is. Because Mark gives the impression that everyone is always in a hurry – always busy. The word “immediately” appears over 50 times in Mark’s Gospel.

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Selvan John

commented on Nov 13, 2006

Dear Pastor, You sermon was a great blessing I am impressed with the idea of 'Action' for the word 'Amen' God bless you Pastor. Marcus

Norman Tate

commented on Aug 6, 2014

was blessed by this message. You were speaking directly to me. And then further blessed that such a gifted preacher would allow others to freely use your insights. With integrity I will mention that some of the things I say Sunday have come from you. Thanks Pastor

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