Summary: Thomas was a lot more willing then doubting, this sermon makes a case to change thomas name to willing thomas rather then doubting thomas

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John 20:24-29

Thomas the Doubter? How about Willing Thomas


A. Sometimes we just associate people with what they do.

B. Let me give you a couple of Examples

C. Larry works for a printer, his real last name is Kosht

D. However to me, his last name is printer, middle name is the, and Larry

E. So you have Larry the Printer

F. There is also Steve the Copy Machine Man

G. Herb The Key Man

H. Remember the Brady bunch? You had Sal the butcher

I. Imagine being Thomas

J. You are not known as Thomas the Disciple

K. You are not known as Thomas the Servant of God

L. You are known as doubting Thomas

M. Does Thomas Really deserve that name?

N. We are going to look at the life of Thomas today

O. In the bible Thomas is mentioned three times (other then in just list of the disciples)

P. WE are going to look at Thomas’s:

a. Willing to risk his life

b. Willing to ask the hard questions

c. Willing to accept the truth

I. Thomas Willing to Risk His Life (John 11:1-16)

A. Explanation

1. The first time that we see Thomas mention is found in the passage about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead

2. Let us read John 11:1-16

3. The disciples have a good point here. They tell Jesus hey that isn’t such a great idea

4. You know there are people out there who are trying to kill you

5. Jesus insist that they still Go

6. Vs. 11 and 12 are a bit humorous if you ask me

7. Jesus trying to be kind says that Lazarus is sleeping and the disciples respond with don’t wake him up

8. Then Jesus has to say, ok he is not sleeping he is dead.

9. Vs. 16 is what were going to key in on

10. Let’s go too – and die with Jesus.

11. Thomas, The one who we always refer to as doubting Thomas, makes the bold statement “I am willing to follow with you, Jesus, even if it means death”

B. Application

1. What can we learn from this?

2. First of all Thomas was not just a doubter

3. Thomas was willing to put in all on the line

4. In his mind there was a strong chance that he would be killed if he went to Judea

5. Thomas was willing to risk death to follow Jesus

6. Do you have that same passion to follow Jesus

7. Do you have that same desire to follow Jesus

8. Do you have the same boldness to follow Jesus?

C. Illustration

1. November 10th is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Hopefully you have seen the poster, and the bulletin Insert. Take out your bulletin Insert from today. Look at the 2nd Paragraph (read 2nd paragraph)

2. That is the passion to follow Jesus I am talking about

3. That is the desire to follow Jesus I am talking about

4. That is the Boldness to follow Jesus I am talking about

5. Do you have the willingness that Thomas did?

II. Willing to Ask the questions that we all were wondering (John 14:1:6)

A. Explanation

1. Thomas is also mentioned in John 14:5

2. Read 14:1-6

3. Jesus just gets done giving the disciples some comfort

4. Let us be honest, if this was the first time you heard about all this you would be confused too

5. I can see the disciples sitting around and shake there head and pretending they understand what Jesus was talking about

a) I get that look from time and time when I am preaching, I don’t think you understand what I am saying but you smile and nod anyways J

6. Thomas raises his hand and says Lord I don’t get it. I am confused. Help me understand

7. Notice Jesus did not rebuke Thomas

8. Jesus did not make fun of him for his honest question

9. Jesus used a different way and expanded on some things to answer the questions that Thomas had

10. The rest of the disciples in their mind I am sure they were saying thank you Thomas for asking that question

B. Application

1. What can we learn from this?

2. You know one biggest misconceptions that we have been taught is questions are wrong

3. Honest questions are not sin.

4. To want to know exactly how something works is not a sin

5. To want better understanding of a subject is not a sin.

6. There are something that we do not understand at first

7. I don’t know about you but I am not that fastest thinker on earth

8. It take me a while to think through something

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