Summary: What about your dreams? What if God has a different dream about your life than you do? How will you handle it?

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Genesis 37:1-11

When a cowboy applied for an insurance policy, the agent asked, “Have you ever had any accidents?” After a moment’s reflection, the applicant

responded, “Nope, but a bronco did kick in two of my ribs last summer, and a couple of years ago a rattlesnake bit me on the ankle.”

“Wouldn’t you call those accidents?” replied the puzzled agent. “Naw,” the cowboy said, “they did it on purpose!”

Joseph tells of his dreams,maybe such a smart ideal, but remember he is just 17 years old.

Did you make good choices at 17?

God has a vision for your life, but not everybody going to be excited about it, as you are!

When we get to heaven I believe God is going to show us what we done with our life and what He wanted to do with our life.

Now God can accomplish some great things in our life, He can use us mightily, sometimes in spite of our self, but just think what He could do if we would turn our life over to Him completely!

Tattletale-He knew they were dishonoring his fathers name!

1-God removes what he has depended on!

God allows Joseph to be separated from his father.

His father had taken care of his needs.. .No working in the field, a coat, he was the favorite.

The Coat-”Also he made him a tunic of many colors.” This term “tunic of many colors” is variously translated as “many colored or richly ornamented”, “but the Hebrew word describes it as a robe extending to the ankles and the wrists, perhaps with an embroidered narrow stripe of color around the edge. It was a garment worn by nobility and the wealthy. Joseph’s brothers wore garments that were short and sleeveless. With such garments, they were able to clamber up hills, wade thmugh swampy areas, and carry sheep on their shoulders. In essence, Joseph’s robe declared that he was exempt from manual labor and hardship. Even the light color of his robe indicated that he did not expect to get dirty or have it soiled in any way from hard work.”

When he learned of Dinah’s rape he did nothing, when he learned his sons were guilty of murder he did nothing, when he learned that his own son had committed incest he still did nothing. It is hard to calculate how

Jacob’s passiveness as a parent contributed to the turmoil in this family.

“Jacob is a classic illustration of a man who was too busy for his family, too preoccupied and unconcerned, which meant he was too passive to deal with what was occurring in the lives of any of his children.” Charles Swindoll.

If Joseph would have stayed at home, he might have become like his father Jacob!

2-God use a method that Joseph would have not chosen.

If God would have warned you about some things that were going to happen in your life but they were going to teach you something about Him and about yourself, would you have chosen them? I could say for myself, No!

D. L. Moody was the one who said, “when God wants to use a person greatly, He takes him and crushes him.”

God cannot work greatly through us until He works deeply in us.

3-God prepares people prior to using them.

Joseph was in God’s training program. Unfair treatment from his family.

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