Summary: Easter Morning Sermon

Luke 24:1-12

Did you ever wonder why people forget to doubt?


A. I have been at this Church now for over 2 years. I must admit I really have enjoyed my time here.

B. In two years I feel that I have develop a line of credibility. You will trust a lot of what I have to say

C. That is not to say that I am without error

D. And that is also to say that there would still be some questioning and ideas that I had

E. Now Jesus was with his disciples for 3 ½ years

F. He never let them down. He was never wrong

G. After 3 ½ years you think that his disciples would have belief Him

H. Let look at what happen when they found out that he Arose from the dead like He said He would and was not in the grave anymore

II. The Forgetful 1-8

A. Application

1. Now these women had very good intentions

2. You could almost say that they are ancient day deaconess

3. I am so thankful for our deaconess that we have here

4. They were taking care of the body

5. Then two angels came

a) I need to mention something here, if you were to look at the other three Gospels they all give slightly different accounts

b) That is not because there were stories that were made up it is because humans will remember the situation different

6. The women out of respect and fear bowed – I would have probably done the same thing wouldn’t you?

7. The angels then ask one of my favorite questions, why do you look for the living among the dead?

8. The angels quickly then try to remind the women what Christ said

B. Explanation

1. We all forget on occasion, I will share with you what happened at our last governing board meeting, we kept saying oops

2. WE sing songs about standing on the promises

3. If we can not remember what the promises we are standing on how can we stand on the promises

4. God does not lie, He does not make things up,

5. What God says He will do He does

6. Never forget that

C. Illustration

III. The Doubters 9-11

A. Application

1. After the ladies remembered what all Jesus had said about raising from the dead, they then went to the disciples

2. You know Jesus Right hand men. Trusty sidekick, People He told everything to. The New CEO sort of speak, You know who I mean

3. So there reaction was one of great joy and gladness, and they all began to sing songs of praise, ok so that is not even close to what really happened

4. What really happened it that they thought that the women were crazy

5. In a little side note we often refer to Luke as Dr. Luke. It is quite possibly that he was a doctor. Notice where it says nonsense in vs. 11. That is actually a medical term that is a term for Looney Bin Behavior.

6. They did not believe

B. Explanation

1. Jesus never Lies

2. Everything that he said he would do he has done

3. After everything that God does for us we still doubt him

4. God has always provided for all our needs

5. It is time that we start having faith in God

6. There has never been a reason to doubt God

C. Illustration

1. Humans are constantly messing up. I have let Heather down on more then one occasion. I have not been able to uphold something that I said I would do, there is reason to doubt me, and there is no reason to ever doubt God.

IV. The Wonder 12

A. Application

1. Peter make a miraculous recovery from denying Christ to wondering if he really did raise

2. This is diffidently progress

3. Peter was skeptical

4. He defiantly was not convinced of everything he wanted proof

5. Once he saw the proof he was wondering what had happened

B. Explanation

1. Wondering is not the worst thing that you can do

2. Peter was evaluating everything that had happened in the last three years

3. Peter did not want to make a decision based on what other people told him to believe

4. He was looking for the answers, he wanted to make sure that he had all the fact

5. There is nothing wrong with looking at the evidence before making a decision, in fact that is how our courts work

C. Illustration


A. We have a decision to make also, just like Peter did

B. WE have a decision to make weather or not we choose to believe Christ

C. To choose weather we will accept that fact that Christ is our Savior Just as he said he would

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